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Staying on Top of Your Marketing Efforts During COVID-19

As we discussed in our post, “Moving Forward” – it is important for companies and brands to continue telling their story online, communicating with their stakeholders  and yes, selling their products and services where and however they can. “Staying on Top of Your Marketing Efforts During COVID-19” is extremely important to the survival of many businesses.

Many small, medium and large-sized businesses are overwhelmed by the newfound digital and social marketing responsibilities imposed on their teams. Previously, we gave some tips and starting points for updating copy and just getting started. Now, we want to talk more about what we love: the overall strategy and operational approach you take for tackling your digital and social media marketing during this pandemic.

First and foremost, take a good hard look at your organization’s revenue goals. Have they changed or shifted?

Next, start brainstorming how marketing can assist in reaching these goals.

Make a list of the digital channels you think will reach your target audience and can assist in achieving your goals.

Marketing Efforts During COVID-19

Develop a creative content strategy and start calendaring out your updated digital and social media marketing campaign.

If at any time you are struggling to find time to take these steps, call in help! There are many consultants and Digital Marketing agencies like LHM Strategic standing by and ready to service your needs.

Want to understand more on how a marketing firm can help you during this hard time? We broke it down for you in this post: How a Digital Agency Can Help Your Team During a Pandemic.

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