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Your Personal Branding Online

Developing a personal brand can be just as important for an individual as it is an organization, company or product. Branding is more than a logo and color scheme. A brand should be consistent not only in colors and imagery, but also in copy tone and feeling. Building your personal brand online is important to developing your digital footprint.

What is a Personal Brand?

“Personal branding is the conscious and intentional effort to create and influence public perception of an individual by positioning them as an authority in their industry, elevating their credibility, and differentiating themselves from the competition, to ultimately advance their career, increase their circle of influence, and have a larger impact.”

Wikipedia 2020

The personal branding of an individual should be taken as seriously as the branding of an organization. The good news is your online or digital presence and community can help elevate an individual’s personal brand if done right.

What do we mean by digital presence?

This is simply all the places you represent yourself as an individual, including websites; blogs; social media profiles and pages; podcasts; live streams; YouTube channels —the list goes on. This also can includes earned media hits viewers access online 24/7.

Important Components of a Digital Brand:

Consistency: Just like any other brand, consistency is a key factor to success. Making sure at a glance your personal brand is recognizable will go a long way. Simple things like using the same profile image on all professional platforms is important to brand recognition online.

Professionalism: Just like your colors and images are consistent, making sure they are professional is equally as important. If it is, you as an individual that you are “selling” you will need to represent yourself in a professional manner to do so. Use professional photography when you can, share branded content and make sure to copy edit (spell check).

There are few exceptions to this, e.g. performers whose brand is “unprofessional and sloppy in nature.” But a professional way of representing those personalities professionally often is available.

Find the right platforms: Depending on to whom your brand appeals, make sure you are represented on the right social media channels. For example, if you desire establishing business or industry leadership make sure you are represented on Twitter and LinkedIn. If you are a content creator with a focus on mothers, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook are places you should make sure you have a brand presence.

Make sure to have your own online home: Having a dedicated website for your personal brand is important for many reasons. First, you have complete control over your personal website; you can share content as you wish on the topics of your choosing. Second, if you invest all your time into a social media platform and it goes away tomorrow, poof, there went all your hard work and content.

Personal Branding Online

Building your personal brand online is vital in today’s fast-paced digital world. Consumers, media, friends, family and future customers and clients are all online. You can utilize your online presence and brand for catalyzing your digital presence, expanding your business, increasing sales, and getting the attention of the media.

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