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Working with a Website Designer – Questions to ask yourself about your new website before you start.

Just like any project or task you might take on, there are best practices for working with website designers. Want things to run smoothly? Of course, you do! We have compiled the things you should know before getting started with your website designer.

Before engaging with a designer ask yourself these questions:

Working with a Website Designer

Once you establish the “who, what and why” reasons for designing a new website you are ready to start planning.

Planning for the who:

Once you have identified your “who” target, it is time for thinking about how they will discover you. This is where Keyword Research comes into play. What types of subjects and keywords will your target audience use when searching online for your business? Reverse engineer how you envision them discovering your website. For more on Keyword Research, Click here.

Planning for the what:

Now that you know what your website will do, begin thinking what content and potential pages are needed for achieving the site’s main function and objectives. Your website designer will help guide this forward, but it is good to have a base understanding so when asking for a website design quote you know how robust or simple your site menu, design, and functions need to be.

Planning for the why:

You know why you need a website. Now you need to start thinking about how your website design and functionality will aid that why. What will be your website conversions? Is it sales leads, growing your email list, or selling products and services? Make sure you know why you are creating a website and how the content success will be measured.

Now you are ready to reach out to website designers!

There are many options out there in cyberspace for hosting, designing, and developing a website. We developed a quick quiz for helping you determine whether WordPress or Squarespace is right for you: QUIZ

We recommend doing your research, but holding off signing up for a hosting account until you have consulted with a website designer.

You also need a domain name if you do not already have one. Again, your designer can set this all up for you, but if you are itching to get started you can check out our recommendation for hosting Bluehost (WordPress) and see if your domain is available.

Working with a website designer can be easy and save you lots of time and headache trying to take on your website design yourself. Looking for a website designer? Connect with us today and find out how we can help. Visit our website look book for more information and general pricing.

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