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Understanding Digital Remarketing

Digital remarketing is a paid digital advertising tactic marketers use to connect with users who have previously interacted with their content online. For example, previously visited your website or social media platform.

This marketing tactic allows marketers to position their ads in a way that makes them visible to those who have shown a previous interest in their brand, content, product or service. Digital remarketing allows businesses to direct their paid digital advertising efforts directly to potential consumers who have physically shown a real interest in their offerings. This paid digital advertising tactic is set up for success if implemented correctly. 

Remarketing strategies are a great way of thinking outside the box when it comes to paid social and digital marketing. They also provide opportunities to optimize on digital audiences’ previous engagements with your brand. 

According to an article published by Adroit Digital, 46% of professionals who work in online search marketing believe that remarketing is not leveraged by brands as often as it should be.

There are several different types of remarketing tactics that brands can embody in their marketing strategies. 

Types is Digital Remarketing 

Display Ads are the most common type of remarketing. These types of digital ads allow marketers to target ad reach specifically and only to users who have already viewed or interacted with their content online. This significantly increases ad relevance and reminds users to purchase the products or services they have already shown interest in. 

A few things you may want to consider when setting up remarketing Display Ads:

  1. Cap the number of times your visitors can see your ads 
  2. Schedule your ads at convenient times for your audience 
  3. Develop copy playing on the fact that they have engaged in your offerings before
  4. Create an exclusive offer or promotion to drive the purchase decision 

Other forms of Digital Remarketing to consider:

These are all effective ways of driving sales and conversions for your business online. Setting measurable goals for your remarketing goes a long way. Remember, there is more to converting digital advertising dollars to sales. If your product, pricing, promotion and placement is not appropriate for your offering you’ll spend lots of money on digital ads and see very little return. 

Make sure the type of remarketing tactic you choose positions your business in a way that converts your audiences. Note remarketing requires tracing behaviors on your digital platforms. This is done with dynamic advertising firms (like us), social media platform tracking using things like Facebook, Pixel and more. 

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