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As any public relations, marketing or advertising guru knows, media is ever changing. Meaning the ways we represent our clients should shift, too. Digital publicity has taken center stage for awareness campaigns, product launches and public relations efforts.

From traditional, digital, and social media as well as blogs, online news sites and more, there are many online vehicles to be “seen” by consumers. Marketing and communications agencies of all sizes are adapting to the different methods of helping clients reach their goals. 

Digital publicity

Every client typically requires forms of both traditional and digital publicity. Having a knowledge of the multitude of PR practices available is incredibly helpful in any setting.

When a client hires an agency, they are looking for expertise to help them achieve their goals. Meaning bringing new ideas to the table, whether digital or traditional. It’s essential to be prepared!

Vehicles of Digital Publicity

Digital publicity has the capability to track metrics on social platforms through different online apps and tools. Providing businesses with insight into the number of clicks, views and interactions on their social media posts.

While many clients are familiar with the general concept of SEO, understanding what SEO can achieve for them is different. It is one of the most beneficial digital PR tools in boosting brand awareness. It is our job to make sure clients stay in the know. Informing them on the digital tools they can use to keep engagement flourishing.

Traditional Public Relations:

Traditional PR takes time to produce results and requires vigorous work in reaching out to the press, following up, arranging interviews and disseminating information. Though all PR requires patience, it produces results worth celebrating.

Many clients are aware of the evolution and expansion of digital publicity and predominantly utilize online platforms to achieve goals. However, clients benefit most from a strong strategic blend of digital and traditional PR. It is estimated that Americans spend 369 minutes per day interacting with traditional media and 363 minutes per day with digital media (Statista). If consumers still use both forms of media, so should businesses trying to capture their attention. 

The most important part of PR to remember is that there’s no off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all strategy. The road to success looks different for every client. Where some may require digital PR-heavy services, others may benefit most from traditional means, and vice-versa. It’s imperative that agencies take a deep dive with their clients to profoundly understand their objectives. Agencies have the opportunity of using their professional knowledge to provide clients with a plan that best fits them.

Want to talk more about digital and traditional resources you can utilize in your business? Contact us today and we’ll help set you on the right path to success.

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