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We have been using this phrase for decades and surprisingly it is still a novel term to some in marketing and communications. More often than not, most marketing professionals are unfamiliar with the term Integrated Marketing and Communications Plan, or as we refer to it an IMC Plan.

Integrated Marketing and Communications Plan (IMC) Defined

Just as it sounds, an IMC Plan is an integration marketing tactics and strategies, but looking beyond marketing, advertising and public relations separately. Integrated Marketing and Communications brings them all under the same research and planning roof, working together for common goals and overall objectives.

The key to an IMC Plan is gathering target consumer and audience research and insight, then exposing the consumer to products and services relative to the consumer’s needs. Done via a mix of communication methods he or she finds attractive and credible. Doing so without the confines of looking purely for the digital or traditional routes of marketing, PR or advertising.

An IMC Plan can encompass general advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion and public relations. Some IMC campaigns feature aspects of all four elements, while others may eliminate one or more element for strategic reasons. Developing a strategic IMC plan is all about doing what makes the most sense when trying to reach your consumer.

Linking all forms of communications and messaging carefully and strategically together.

It is important to identify the following before creating an IMC plan:

IMC plans result in increased profits through increased effectiveness. A unified message always has more impact than myriad disjointed messages.

Cutting through the “noise” a consumer encounters every second of every day is hard. Plans that focus on connectivity, a consistent, consolidated and clear message have more success having their message heard.

Getting started with an IMC Plan is similar to approaching any strategic planning process. The main difference is making sure you focus on what makes the most sense for who you are trying to reach. At the same time, focusing on what you are want them to do once you deliver your content or message.

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