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Simply put “Instant Articles” on Facebook is a new monetization feature for content creators and publishers using Facebook Creator Studio.

What are Instant Articles?

According to Facebook, the Instant Articles feature uses “a native format for publishers to create fast and interactive articles on Facebook.”

Instant Articles gives you the ability to tell stories in a branded and customizable article format that uploads fast on mobile. This format allows you to customize articles to fit your brand and make it come alive.

These articles are uploaded directly to Facebook because they are hosted on the actual site. You will need a URL to make these articles accessible.

Facebook Instant Articles

Who can use Instant Articles?

Currently Instant Articles are not available to all creators on Facebook. In order to publish Instant Articles on your Facebook page, content and website traffic must meet their requirements. If you can check all the boxes, the final hoop is an “Article Review.”

A few things you need to know about Instant Articles:

How to access Instant Articles publishing:

  1. Go to your page from your Facebook account 
  2. Click on publishing tools 
  3. Click on Instant Articles and signup 
  4. Decide which template you would like to use 
  5. Choose which page you want your instant article to appear on
  6. Then hit submit 
  7. You’ll be approved (or not) instantly, and it will automatically input your content into the system

How to Monetize with Facebook Instant Articles

Monetization is a key part of the Instant Articles experience. To grow your publishing with Instant Articles, you can implement direct-sold ads and create native branded content. This optimizes the engagement efforts. Facebook has been under a lot of legal fire with content creators and publications alike. This needed monetization feature is a direct response to mitigating that issue on their platform.

Image Source: Facebook

Read more here.

Instant articles have great benefits for bloggers due to the amount of reach Facebook has and it’s fast loading time. Facebook has optimal user experience and is fairly easy to navigate. This feature is also effective at reaching a larger audience. 

According to an article published by Facebook For Media, Facebook users open 52% more articles on average when they’re published as Instant Articles instead of a mobile web link.

If you haven’t tried using Instant Articles now is the time to implement them and create a faster, more efficient way of driving engagement with your content.

There are several other monetization options rolling out on Facebook and they all can be accessed through Creator Studio. Not sure what that is? Read all about it here: Understanding Facebook Creator Studio

There are a lot of big changes happening at Facebook these day’s. Stay connected with us here and on social media to stay in the know.

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