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Fresh in the wake of a healthcare pandemic and what I hope will continue as a race and equality revolution in America, we need to be reminded these growing pains are not easy for everyone. Flattening the Covid curve and moving into the next chapter of our nation’s “becoming” requires mindful listening, seeing, and change in the form of compassionate action.

There has been an outpouring of social media posts about what leaders and business owners should be doing during this time of awakening and uncertainty. Foremost of the many assumptions begin thrown out there is that not only will every black employee be impacted and react the same way. But reality is they will have individual reactions, and so will every other employee despite ethnicity.

If you are lucky enough to have a team of amazing, compassionate and hardworking individuals, it is likely the situation our country has found itself in is heartbreaking for all of them. Feelings of uncertainty are debilitating for some–depressing, angering, tiring and frightening. As a leader, you should always consider the welfare of your team as a whole and now is no exception. However, instead of assuming their experiences are cookie cutter, remember what makes up a team:


Do not assume employees of color–or any of your employees–need the same thing. See them, listen, and hear what they think. Check in on everyone individually if possible, or if you are a larger corporation and have VPs, Directors or Managers, task them with reaching their individual teams. Make sure all employees know this leadership is supported from the top.

Our nation is suffering and in pain right now. Find out what different needs your employees have and offer resources for support groups or other means of help. Some of us like to lean in during crises and others prefer regaining their headspace and taking a break. Make sure your employees know it is okay to do either. If you can and it is needed, bring in outside professional help or at the least provide information on where to get it. Allow employee participation in the healing process and let them know you are there for them.


This is not an approach just to extend during times of unrest and uncertainty. As a leader, you should always show compassion and respect for those serving your business. It is unfortunate that in times like these we need these reminders, but it is also a great opportunity to grow into a great leader and develop the company culture for which you and your employees strive.

Ways to Support Your Employees During Times of Uncertainty -leadership

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