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Now that you are ready for starting on your website design, there are a few things that will make working with a website designer run smoothly. As an Atlanta-based WordPress designer with 10 years of website design experience, LHM Strategic has identified a few things not only to get you started in the website design and development process, but help set you up for success. Who doesn’t like success?

If you haven’t already answered your “who, what and why,” take a moment to read this article: Things to Know Before Working with a Website Designer

Tips From a WordPress Designer on Getting Started with your Website Design:

Tip 1: Draft out your site map:

Your WordPress designer will assist with this but it is extremely helpful to have a rough draft in place before getting started. Just like with any project, preparation is key!

Tip 2: Organize your media:

Start a folder for saving images, videos, copy, and any another content you might want to use on your website. When you are ready to start, it all will be in one place for sharing with your website designer.

Tip 3: Have your branding ready:

Make sure you have all your logos (and formats), as well as font names and color codes ready. If you do not have these, make sure the designer knows. Like most WordPress developers, we offer branding, logo design, and other marketing services you can benefit from. Your website is the online home for your company, organization and brand. It is important for it to be properly representative in tone and visual imagery.

Tip 4: Think about the future:

If you are investing in a website designer or developer, it is worth thinking about the future of your website. How do you envision your online presence growing? Will you be selling products, services, or collecting emails? Even if you are not ready to take on some of your future goals, knowing how you would like your website to evolve can impact the design, organization, and functionality decisions made in the first design. If you don’t plan, you might end up with a complete redesign instead of a revamp in the future.

Tip 5: Start planning for your launch:

Having a launch plan is important for any brand or company. Start deciding how you will inform your customers about your snazzy new website.

Bonus tip: Take this quick quiz to see if WordPress or Squarespace are right for you!

Atlanta WordPress Designer

Now you are ready to get started. LHM Strategic has (virtual) Atlanta-based WordPress and Squarespace website designers ready to help make your website dreams a reality. View our website look book today, and get started on your new website today. Connect with us today!

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