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The New TikTok Playlists feature improves user experience and extends the lifespan of your contents.

More and more platforms are offering ways for brands to boost engagement, including TikTok who recently released a new “Playlists” feature, allowing users to group their TikToks into themed categories. Similar to YouTube playlists, the new app improves the longevity of shared content on the social media platform. This is great news for brands and content creators alike!

This new feature allows creation of specific collections for your videos that are then displayed on your profile. Users are able to be more engaged with your content because browsing for what they are looking for is made easy. 

According to Social Media Today, Playlists will eventually be available on all Creator and Business accounts, with a few limitations. You will only be able to add public videos to a list, and each individual clip is only be allowed to be added to one playlist at a time. This is a differentiator when comparing the feature to YouTube Playlists.

Source @jera.bean

Adding this feature to TikTok will have major gains for brands to boost engagement and the lifespan of their shared content with their users.

Ways Brands Can Use the Playlists:

How the TikTok Playlists Feature Works:

There are a variety of ways this new and exciting Playlists feature can benefit your business, but it isn’t available to everyone just yet. TikTok is currently testing the Playlists feature with business and creator accounts and we are hopeful they will make this available across all accounts soon. 

How to create a Tik Tok Playlist
Image Source @alex193a

In the meantime, here is a step-by-step tutorial of how this feature is simple and easy to use for everyone. It will be a great tool to incorporate into your marketing strategy for social. 

The feature is very user-friendly! First tap on the “Sort videos into playlists” button above the video display on your TikTok profile and rename your playlist. Next select the videos you want to add to it, then BOOM—it is made available on your profile. 

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