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TikTok just announced that they launched a new ad option “Spark Ads” enabling brands to sponsor already trending organic content. Providing brands a way to boost video content without having to create anything themselves. This also eliminates the need to hire an influencer or content creator to create content on your brands behalf.

This is an interesting approach to paid advertising and sponsored content on social media. It will be interesting to see how brands and content creators feel about this new advertising opportunity on TikTok.

How TikTok Spark Ads Work

  1. Influencers and content creators create original ( un sponsored or commissioned) content for their channels.
  2. TikTok’s new ‘Spark‘ ad option allows brands to identify organic content/videos that might fit their within their campaign. For example: If you are a fashion brand and an influencer has created content using your brand/product that has great organic reach you can piggyback on their content and current organic success.
  3. Using Spark ads, brands can reach out directly to these creators and re-purpose their clips for paid campaigns.
  4. Then the brand can boost the organic posts and/or relevant content posted by creators, converting them into In-Feed Ads or TopView ads.  

Content promoted through Spark enable brands to utilize TikTok’s ad targeting tools.

“TikTok is a world of entertainment, creativity and discovery. The power of our community combined with our technological innovations allow us to build engaging products for brands and partners. We’re excited to globally launch Spark Ads to enable brands to grow through real connections with our community by elevating and sharing relevant, native content.” TikTok

This could be a great way for smaller brands to get started using video ads on the platform. However, it could also be a way for larger brands to continue to take advantage of content creators and influencers. Only time will tell.

See how a few brands have utilized this new ad feature on TikTok by clicking on the image above. Stay up to date on social media trends by subscribing to the LHM Insights mailing list here.

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