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TikTok: Bringing People together Through Collaborative Content

There are a lot of exciting updates on the increasingly popular social media app TikTok. In 2021, they developed and rolled out several updates to features, functionality and advertising that all digital marketers should pay attention to. In addition to their new Spark Ads, TikTok has updated their platform in ways that benefits creators and brands alike. Let us break it down for you!

Updates to TikTok Live

Scheduling ‘Lives’ on TikTok

In a recent update, TikTok announced that users can now schedule live streams in advance. This allows creators and brands to target audiences more effectively. Scheduling lives on TikTok eliminates the possibility of your target audience being unaware of live events. 

Live Moderators Now Available on TikTok

Users can now assign a moderator to their TikTok live streams. This will be huge in keeping inappropriate content and spammers at bay. It’ll be important for brands and influencers to utilize the new and improved live stream and user features. 

Live Streaming on TikTok - How it Works

Branded Effects on TikTok

Branded effects have been taking off on the app. Like Spark ads, brands and organizations can create custom content to include in challenges and other videos on the site. These are similar to the AI you see available to brands on Snapchat. While they are not new to TikTok, it appears more advertisers are taking advantage of creating unique content creation experiences for their target audiences.

There’s been talk about TikTok creating a feature for stories to compete with brands like Instagram or Snapchat. This is a way TikTok creators can compete with Instagram influencers.

Example Brand AI by L’Oréal Paris


Go Bold in Rose Gold! Show us the BOLDEST you using our Colorista Rose Gold hair colour effect! #GoBoldColorista

♬ #GoBoldColorista – L’Oreal Paris

Example Brand AI and Challenge from Mucinex


It’s your turn #BeatTheZombieFunk #mucinexpartner #sweepstakes

♬ #BeatTheZombieFunk – DJ Nightshift

Personal and Business accounts only: 

Before, there were three types of TikTok creators: personal accounts, verified creators, and business accounts. Now, there are only two types of accounts: personal and business. 

Meaning personal accounts now have access to analytics and can use creator tools!

Overall TikTok has made some great changes to their advertising options, creator tools and overall user experience. This shows us marketers that they might not be going anywhere. How will you utilize these new features? Tell us in the comments! 

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