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3 Easy Steps for Finding the Right Social Media Platforms for Your Business

Unfortunately, more often than not, we see businesses using social platforms they shouldn’t be wasting time on. I am sure you have heard the phrase “less is more,” and when it pertains to small business social media strategy that could not be more accurate.

Think of it this way. If you are everywhere, on every platform, you will likely spread yourself and your content thin. When you plan and strategize your social media marketing efforts, you can identify the social media platforms where your target consumers and audiences are spending the majority of their time.

How do you stop wasting time on the wrong social media platforms? It’s simple. Define your target audience (or audiences) and do some research. Let us break it down in three easy steps.

3 Easy Steps for Finding the Right Social Media Platforms:

wrong social media platforms

Step 1: Who is your brand or organization targeting on social media? Break down and define these online targets. This could be more than one audience and if that’s the case, segment out your stakeholders and ask the following: Who is/are your ideal consumer(s)? How old are they? What level of education do they have? Are they employed? How much time do they spend online? What social media do they spend most of their time on? And so forth.

Step 2: What are you trying to get them to do on social media? Before developing a strategy, you must identify the “call to action” you are asking of your audience. Is it buying something? Is it spreading awareness or are you providing a place for engaging and activating brand advocates? Once you have these questions answered, you can start strategizing the right platform and content for achieving your goals.

Step 3: Determine where your content is going. After step one and two, you can start making decisions on what platforms are best for reaching your audiences and achieving your conversion (call to action) goals. This will help you pick the right platforms for your brand!

Once steps 1-3 are completed that’s when the fun begins. You start creating content strategy and implementing your social-media marketing plan! Check out these posts for more info:

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Need help figuring out what social media platforms are right for your business? Let’s chat! We can help you find the right social media platforms and develop a strategy in collaboration with you and your team focusing on ROI, innovative content and strategic creativity.

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