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Being Real is the New Fake

The term authenticity is commonly used to describe social media content that is more real life and authentic to reality. Being real on social media has become a trend and unfortunately because of this, being real is the new being fake on social media.

Let me explain. 

Looking back at the term authenticity and why it became important is key to understanding how to truly be authentic in your content. The importance of authenticity on your social platforms stems from brands and content creators alike for developing relationships with their digital audience. It is “social“ media, after all.

In the content creation world, there was a surge in inauthentic content being sold as real life. Consumers were not having it and creators and brands who showed up more authentically were getting more return on their efforts by growing online communities with an audience that wanted to be there and felt a part of their journey, or like an insider.

The difference with this content trend, and lets say a photography style or popular song, is that it requires you to show up real and raw at times. As content creators and social media marketers committed to being more authentic the rise of fake authenticity happened. 

Cue the tears—literally! Fake crying for “authenticity’s sake” is actually now a thing on social media. 

So how can you avoid being the new fake on social media? Here are some tips for keeping your social media content truly authentic.

Five Tips for Staying Authentic on Social Media

  1. Only showing up when it feels right– Forced content is the worst!
  2. Don’t over share your emotions- It is okay to show up on stories with real emotion but don’t force it or overdo it. Also, be sure it makes sense—right place, right time kind of thing.
  3. Share what you know– Focus on content that fits your brand, industry or niche. Sometimes trends, or content strategy, do not work for everyone.
  4. Be original– If you want to be real then don’t look to copy what others are doing to be authentic. Truly share what makes you YOU.
  5. Don’t forget why you are there– What is your main goal with sharing on social media? How can telling your story aid that? Then find ways to be authentic in sharing your brand, offering, or expertise. There is no one-size-fits-all on social media.
Being Real is the New Fake Meme

There is a reason authenticity sells so we encourage you to keep looking for ways to be authentic with your online community. Just make sure you are truly being authentic. 

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