LHM Strategic- Digital and Social Media Agency

SSHCO Social Media


When LHM Strategic engaged with the Southern Sudan Healthcare Organization (SSHCO), they had yet to implement a development or communications strategy using their digital assets. Our first priority was to develop a 12-month strategic social media and digital development plan for the organization. 

During this process an immediate need for the organization arose and we figured this would be a great opportunity to make a splash on social media. So we developed a strategic fundraising campaign that not only raised the needed funds in just six short weeks, but also helped build the social media community, engage their current online audience and educate them on the issues facing the organization’s operations in South Sudan.

Project Overview


LHM came up with the “Rain or Shine’’ campaign informational content strategy for social and digital media with the goal of educating donors on the rainy season in South Sudan, especially the impact it has on the transportation of medication and other supplies to the SSHCO clinic.

We utilized infographics, blog content, scheduled posts, email, and a Facebook live informational event for this campaign. 

The results were quick. In just three weeks, we had surpassed the original goal by over 100% and gained an increase in our digital audience of 10%. Well ahead of our goal of six weeks!