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Given current events there is no doubt brands and organizations need to monitor social media trends more closely. Never before in the history of social media marketing has staying on top of social media trends been so important. We are breaking down the social media trends in 2020 as they evolve with current events and our rapidly changing digital world.

The LHM Strategic team always advocates for monitoring your brand online for multiple reasons.

Social media trends come and go in the blink of an eye, and these days they seem to change every minute.

Monitoring Social Media Trends in 2020

Amidst the current health pandemic, and in the wake of the wrongful death of George Floyd that resulted in the resurgence of the #blacklivesmatter campaign and a nation pushing for change, the social media climate is constantly shifting.

Staying up to date on social media trends is vital for your organization’s social media marketing efforts. Social media Blackouts, hashtags, and many other viral social movements are starting daily. Making it hard to keep up with them all.

There are a few ways to monitor social media trends. One way is through monitoring platforms and the other is a more manual approach. First, we will share some of the best platforms you can start utilizing today.

Platforms for Monitoring Social Media Trends in 2020:

Brandwatch©: This is a very robust software and can help not only with monitoring trends but with keeping track of your own brand online. Brandwatch is a great tool if it is within your organization’s budget. I personally have been using it since 2010 for consumer research and client planning.

Mention: This is another great tool and platform for monitoring your brand as well as social media trends. Mention offers a free version you can use before deciding to upgrade to their paid subscription.

Keyhole: Keyhole is excellent for tracking keywords and hashtags. This platform is great for nonprofits as well. They have a free trial and a subscription is about $50 a month so can be pricey for a small businesses.

Other Social Media Trend Monitoring Tools With No Subscription Fee:

TweetDeck: This is a free tool anyone with a Twitter account can access. You can monitor hashtags, conversations, accounts, etc.

Hashtag Following: Most social media platforms have a way to monitor, search for, and follow hashtags. You also can view trending hashtags on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Set Google Alerts: We typically use Google Alerts to monitor a brand, person, or specific company mentions. However, in times like these you can set up alerts for specific current events and keywords you think might be worth monitoring. For example, to monitor a social media movement like Black Lives Matter, you could set up a Google Alert for “Black Lives Matter on Instagram,” or “BlackLivesMatter Social Media movement,” as well as many other variations. You also could set up Alerts for “Social Media Trends for  ________,” and insert the topic, industry, or current event you are monitoring.

Tracking Social Media Trends

Tracking social media trends is part of the job description for social media marketers. If you are not on top of current events and the social media trends associated with them, you will constantly find yourself falling behind. Monitoring your own brand falls right in line with monitoring industry, social media, and digital trends.

Staying relevant is key for remaining relatable as a brand or organization on social media. When you are relatable on social media, that’s when the magic happens. Individuals start connecting, interacting, and engaging with you unsolicited, activating the victorious circle of positive reputation and social media methods.

Social Media Trends in 2020

Knowing How Your Brand Fits into Current Events

Making sure you know how your company fits into current events, a crisis, political, and other public-facing events is vital. Your stakeholders are watching every post, tweet, and status update you make. Consumers are analyzing your copy and media with a social-media microscope. Looking to see if your values are in line with what they believe in. Consumers now focus more on how a brand or organization fits into their morals, values, and even political views than ever before.

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