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One thing I know for sure is the myth about social media marketing being easy is just that—a myth! When done right, social media marketing can be time consuming and cumbersome for your staff. However, there are some helpful tips and tricks for streamlining your efforts so you and your team are more productive with your time. Focusing on social media productivity will be a game changer for you and your team.

Since the LHM Strategic team lives and breathes social media strategy, content creation and digital implementation, we thought sharing some tips and tricks might help you with your company’s social media marketing planning.

Tip 1: Calendar out your content: When we begin working with clients on social media marketing, we start with simply creating a calendar. This can be in a traditional calendar form, or a Word or Google doc. 

Trick 1: When developing your calendar look at all the national holidays, events, planned promotions, etc., and start by adding them. Once all these are in place you can schedule out times and days for branding and composing content around those themes.

Tip 2: Copy before creative: What we mean by this is start by writing captions and content. As we have shared in previous posts, good social media marketing uses content strategy for telling your story. The best place to start with that is using your own words.

Trick 2: Identify your content strategy and storytelling ideas ahead of time. This will give you a basis for how to begin telling your story with copy.

Tip 3: Auto publishing your content: There are many platform options for doing this. Start off by identifying where you are posting and make your auto publisher choice from there. Pre-scheduling your content not only saves you time it will enable you to take advantage of optimal posting times and days without having to manually post.

Trick 3: When using an auto publisher on platforms like Instagram you also can use them to make sure your graphics and visuals look the way you want them too without having to publish the content. You can get away with using the free version of scheduling platforms like Later for the most part.

Tip 4: Batch create your content: When strategizing and planning, know what kind of content you need and where you plan on putting it. This makes it easy for companies to batch their creative content. What this means is creating lots of content at one time. For example: need some video of employees? When creating the video, make sure shoot some still photography of behind the scenes images and videos as well for use as social media content. It’s like creating your very own stock bank.

Trick 3: You can batch more than visuals! We LOVE having all our copy and creative done 15-30 days prior to publishing it. It is helpful for long format content like blog posts, articles, reviews, etc. Schedule out some time for sitting down and getting it all done in one swoop. You can always update it if needed just before posting.

Tip 5: Curate Content: When talking about “curating” content as a social media marketer, we are referring to gathering content previously used or published by other reputable sources. This can be industry-related research, trends, etc. This helps keep your content fresh and consistent without requiring you to create new content all the time.

Trick 5: Repurpose and curate your own content! Yes, use your own content again. Just because it was not made specifically for now you can find ways to reuse and repurpose old images, videos, graphics, and articles. Just make sure it is relevant to your current goals and objectives. It could be as simple as including old office or product advertising in a “Throw Back Thursday” post. Use what you have!

It is easy to get overwhelmed and bogged down with content creation, social media posting, and scheduling. However, we feel these five tips and tricks can make a huge difference in your productivity when it comes to creating and executing your social media strategy.

Bonus tip: Outsource content creation and scheduling! Save time and money by working with digital social media agencies like LHM Strategic. Let us help you make waves! Connect with us today.

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