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Kick Start Your Social Media Content ‘Refresh’

As we discussed in “Why You Must Press On,” now is NOT the time for your social content to sit idle. Your content strategy needs a complete refresh to fit the times, reflect sensitivity, and provide updates and much-needed information to your digital community.

The thought of this can be overwhelming, especially if you have a robust social media content calendar. So we have put together a list of places to start and things you should make sure to consider during your refresh.

Places to start when updating your social media and digital content in response to COVID-19 or any crisis:

  1. Start with identifying any date-sensitive content. If you had to reschedule events or change logistics, make sure you update your content, and communicate these changes first.
  2. Adjust your calls to action. This is important for companies and businesses historically relying on in-person transactions and store purchases. How can your company’s products or services be accessed and purchased now? Make sure your online community knows.
  3. Look for opportunities to connect. Do you have an email list you have been neglecting? A company LinkedIn page that could use some updating?
  4. Integrate or add some advertising budget behind content you want to ensure your target audience sees.
  5. Observe what other likeminded companies are doing (or not doing) online. Then implement things that work to fill any gaps you might identify.
  6. If you are not using an auto-publishing app, consider using one for scheduling your content and keeping the stream of communication consistent.

This crisis can be overwhelming and we are all navigating this challenge together. As we emphasized, it is staying active online is important. Keep your online community engaged, and keep your head up and attitude positive!

social media content refresh

This will pass and when it does, you want to be positioned and ready for moving forward. In the meantime stay top of your social media content and start updating!

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