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Your branding on social media is extremely important as was discussed in Branding on Social Media – What Matters Most!. Consistency is a big part of achieving good branding across all your social media platforms. Over the years we have mastered social media branding clean up and we want to share five things you can do today to improve your branding on social media.

5 Tips for Improving Your Brand on Social Media

  1. Audit your current platforms. Take some time to audit your social media efforts across platforms. Look at them all together to see where you are inconsistent and where improvements can be made. Having a snapshot view of your brand on social media is the best way to start with improving your consistency.
  2. Update Your Profile: Make sure images and icons are all the same on every social media platform. Yes, make sure they are ALL the same. If you use a headshot, use the same one on all platforms; if it is your company logo make sure it is formatted the same on all your social media profiles, pages, accounts, etc. 
  3. Develop a Social Media Visual Branding Guide. This can be used for any size company! Just like a one-page branding guide is all you need for your staff to be consistent. Create a specific visual guide for social media of your brand using photography, fonts colors, graphic styles representative of the way you want to present your brand.
  4. Define your Brand Tone! Here’s hoping you already have this, but if not make sure you identify what the tone of your brand should be. This can be a statement representing the brand tone or feeling, along with a list of what you are and what you are not. For example: We are helpful, informative, compassionate and insightful.
  5. Use Design Templates. Canva templates are not only great for maintaining brand consistency, but they also shorten the design process. #winwin Using templates ensures keeping up with brand standards and are easy for interns, social media managers, and other non “graphic designers” for creating professional and consistent brand visuals.

These five tips for improving your social media platform are the perfect way of getting started with improving your branding online. The impact of a consistent, strong brand can result in growing your online community, driving traffic to your website, generating leads and increasing sales. LHM Strategic would love hearing how these tips have helped improve your visual brand online. Please let us know in the comments.

Need help developing a social media brand visual guide? Or want custom designed Canva templates that are ready to plug and play? LHM Strategic can help! Contact us today.

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