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Dealing with 2021 marketing budget cuts is going to be a real challenge as we move into the next fiscal year. Companies large and small are cutting costs and unfortunately, marketing is normally first on the chopping block. Instead of telling you all the reasons why this is bad we want to share with you how contracting a social media agency can actually cut your business costs.

Here are three big ways teaming up with a social media marketing agency will help you cut marketing costs in 2021.

Social Media Agency can save you money

1. Working with a social media agency expands your marketing team significantly for a fraction of the cost.

Think of it this way. A $45,000 mid- to entry-level marketing or social media coordinator salary costs you overhead, benefits, office space, supplies, etc., making it more than a $30,000 line item. When you retain a marketing agency their team becomes yours. Meaning not only will you get the marketing coordinator but also the strategic and executive insights, social media specialists, content creators, graphic designers, copy writers and everyone on their team.

2021 Impact: If the fallout of the pandemic has your 2021 dream of adding headcount and hiring a second (or first) digital marketing manager or specialist, consider finding space in your budget to retain a digital agency instead. Determine your budget and start looking for the right social media or digital marketing firm for you.

Pro tip: Having a set budget for retaining the work will save time and get you an accurate proposal of scope when contracting an agency.

2. Save on time and therefore save money.

Yes, it is as simple as that—contracting helps save you time and we all know time is money.

2021 Impact: Some of the things you might have produced out of house last year have come in house this year. You may have lost team members due to layoffs and are struggling to keep the momentum of your digital and social marketing efforts going. Social media agencies can help plan, create, implement and build your online community, taking things off your plate but not letting them fall to the wayside. If creating monthly content is bogging you down, hire a social media agency to batch create content. Need help replying to comments and engagement on social platforms? Contract an agency to assist in community management. The list goes on.

Pro tip: You don’t have to retain an agency to get the most out of one! Have them help with one project or task at a time. For example, hire a social media firm to create your month-to-month content for the strategy your team has already developed or vice versa. There are so many ways to benefit from the experience and breadth of work an agency can provide a marketing or communications department.

3. Save money and convert more with your Paid Social Ads

Did you have to cut your paid social budget or are you looking for ways of getting more out of the budget you have? Well, most companies make the mistake of placing their paid digital ads on their own at time, “boosting” posts directly from their feeds resulting in less reach and ROI.

2021 Impact: Hand your Digital Ad budget over to an agency that handles digital media buys and let them make the most of your investment. Not only will they likely perform better, but they also will help create and optimize ad content and copy for optimal performance.

Pro tip: Never “boost” a post. Always use the business or ad manager’s platform.

Whether you are looking for ways to manage with a leaner team or trying to be more impactful with your efforts and the budget you have, contracting help is always an economic choice. As we begin 2021, the need for a strong digital and social brand presence will only increase. Consumers are online and looking for ways of connecting with brands and organizations, or shopping and socializing. Make sure you stay one step ahead in your efforts.

Need to cut marketing costs? Connect with us today to see how we can help.

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