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Have you started planning your social media marketing efforts for the 2021 holiday season?

Social media marketing planning efforts should be no different than your traditional marketing mix. Like all marketing efforts supporting the holiday season shopping and promotions, prep should start long before fall leaves begin changing. When it comes to preparing your social media marketing for the holiday season, getting a head start goes a long way.

The holidays provide a unique opportunity for businesses to drive sales, and social media can be an integral part of that.

Like all social media plans, you need to start out by identifying a few things:

Once you answer these questions you can begin identifying what platforms you will be using and come up with a content strategy to support your efforts. Then it is “go” time! As mentioned before, planning for the holidays should follow the same process as all your social media promotions and strategies.

Once your plan is complete, the following will help you execute with ease:

Content calendar: This gives you a visual representation of all the content and message vehicles you need to develop and share. Sometimes it’s helpful to have one overall, less-detailed calendar, and an additional day-by-day calendar that includes all the copy and media you plan on posting.

Batch creation: Once you know what you need to create, you can be strategic with your time and batch create the content. This can look like sitting down and writing out all the captions at once (yes, all of them!) writing blog posts, shooting all your photos and/or video in one day, etc. This is a time and sanity saver for social media marketers and will allow you to enjoy the holiday season a tad more this year if you do it.

Scheduling out your content: Once you know when and where you will be posting, and you have all the content to support the plan, it’s time to schedule! Scheduling out your content will help with a few things. First, it will save your team time. Second, it helps with taking advantage of the optimal times to post on each platform. Last but not least, it helps you work ahead before the holiday season when your social media team might be out of the office celebrating the holidays with friends and family.

Plan of action for community management: Most importantly, make sure you have a plan for managing the community when you roll out your promotion or strategies. Identify a person or persons who will monitor comments, direct messages, and your social platforms to make sure things run smoothly and no Grinches try to steal Christmas from you!

Aside from planning and executing there are some more things to consider when it comes to your holiday social media content.

10 Content Considerations for Your 2021 Holiday Social Media Content:

  1. Use holiday-inspired hashtags.
  2. Engage your followers with festive social media contests.
  3. Show your followers how your team celebrates the holidays!
  4. Introduce a holiday giveaway via social media.
  5. Create TikTok or Instagram challenges to get your audience excited about the holiday season.
  6. Use brand effects on TikTok and or snapchat that are festive to encourage users to use the effects when creating their content. “I hope these tips will help you prepare your social media schedule for the upcoming holidays.”  
  7. Take advantage of early bird shoppers with promotions as well as last-minute shoppers!
  8. Offer free shipping and guaranteed holiday delivery on all orders placed by a specific holiday deadline.
  9. Give back! Come up with a way to promote your favorite charity or donate to a local organization. Depending on your industry you can work with local influencers to gift deserving local residents with your products or services.
  10. Try including everyone! Find ways to include all religions and celebrations throughout the holiday season.

The holidays are always hectic no matter your industry, so getting a headstart goes a long way! There is a lot of fun and holiday cheer to be had and shared among your online community. Be creative and have fun. It’s the holidays, after all!

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