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Podcasting is the way of the future when it comes to audio streaming. More and more Americans are opting out listening to their local radio stations and are hitting subscribe on their new favorite podcasts.

Creating your own podcast can have many benefits for your brand or organization. However, podcasting for a business takes time and strategic preparation.  Don’t let that scare you away! Podcasting is still an option for your business even if you are not the one producing the content. 

As radio reach takes a hit, advertisers should refocus ad dollars on streaming sites like Pandora and other outside-the-box promotions such as Podcast sponsorships and product placement. 

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3 Easy ways to incorporate Podcasting into your Business Advertising Plan in 2019

1. Sponsor a Podcast:

This can be done per show, multi-show, or even an entire season. Podcasts hit every niche. Find one that has the same target audience as you and approach them about sponsoring a show. 

Pro Tip: Have a budget in mind. This is somewhat uncharted territory when it comes to industry ad placement standards. Know what you want to spend and approach the Podcast with that number in mind. 

2. Be a Guest!

Most Podcasts bring in special guests to speak on a topic of their expertise. This is a win-win for the podcaster and the brand representative. Not only are you helping them by providing your insight, you are filling their time slot with added value. 

Pro Tip: Just like when pitching traditional media, make sure you approach Podcasters with the same professionalism and tactics. Give them an angle, pitch a story or topic idea, and let them know why you would be of value to their listeners.

3. Product Placement:

Work to get your products and services in front of Podcasters who reach your target consumers. Using traditional PR tactics send out free samples introducing yourself and your brand, and if you get lucky you might get free shout outs. 

Pro Tip: Don’t wait for them to review your product. Offer them a paid incentive to do so on air. Make sure to include some kind of discount or tracking code for their listeners and if your company is interested, pull them into your referral program or have them become a brand rep and share profits from their sales. 

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