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How Can Optimizing Your Content for SEO Help Your Organic Reach on Social Media?

While SEO is often used for website design, development, and blog/news content, SEO is also crucial for social media content creation. As we mentioned in Reverse Engineering the Search, working backwards from the consumer’s initial search can go a long way in supporting your strategic digital and social media marketing efforts. 

There are many factors that come into play when it comes to organic reach and discovery on social media. Each platform has a unique algorithm that determines your content reach and overall impressions on their platform. They all have one thing in common, though, which is the goal of providing users a customized, valuable experience on their platform. 

Create a user experience with content customized and targeted specifically toward the social media user. This is just like search engines wanting to provide the best content and search results for their users. 

Before we get too far … 

“Content optimization is the process of making sure content is written in a way that it can reach the largest possible target audience.” (Retrieved from What is Content Optimization? )

This is where the most important connection between search and organic content needs to be made. Creating content on all your digital platforms and assets that focuses on the end user (ie: the searcher or target audience) is the exact same thing as creating search engine optimized content for your website. 

Mind blown …  Stick with me.

The Buyer’s Journey Online  

Now that we dropped this knowledge on you, it is important you know what to do with it.  If you haven’t already, you will need to take a few strategic steps back and outline your target audiences’ “Online Buyers Journey.” 

Typical Steps of an Online Buyers Journey

  1. Problem and/or need identification
  2. Search for solution
  3. Discovery of your brand product or service
  4. Consideration of purchase
  5. Purchase 
  6. Brand advocacy 

If your content on social media provides the answers and solutions, then consumers will most likely convert into customers. This is done along their journey of consuming your media and opting into your online community by “following” your social media channels, subscribing to your newsletter or other lead generation strategies.

Social media platforms and search engines understand this linking process and will prioritize content that helps buyers through their search and discovery process, because this adds value to the social media user and in turn, makes them see more value in using the social media channel in their everyday online/digital media consumption.

How to create SEO-focused social media content to improve your organic reach:

Now that we have explained why the search engine optimization of your social media content is important, here are some actionable ways for optimizing your content today. 

  1. Identify the most common Keywords and phrases your target audience might use to discover your content. 
  2. USE the keywords and phrases in your content. Add them to your copy, image metadata, and file names.
  3. Share relevant content, just like you do on your website for SEO. Sharing other relevant and high authority content on your newsfeed and page (depending on the platform) will signal the algorithm that your content might be similar and provide value to that account’s followers. This will result in your content being originally shown to those new/additional users.
  4. Be consistent – your account should align with your brand and messaging, including your ethos and goals.
  5. Post regularly to drive engagement and to keep your followers invested. Find out when your target audience is using social media and post when they are active. However, it is important you do not post too frequently for the specific platform you are on. Each algorithm is different. For example, Pinterest is more chronological, and Instagram is not. Posting frequency algorithm preferences will also differ from platform to platform. 

It is tempting to go with the current content trends on platforms like Instagram. BUT there is more to social media than meets the eye. If you want to optimize your social media content, you should focus on providing value to your target audience segments. Forget what everyone else is doing! It’s not about them. It is about the users, no matter the platform. 

With consistency and strategy, you can stay on top of your social media. The right or wrong approach can make or break your brand’s organic reach. Hopefully, these suggestions will help you utilize SEO tools for your social media platforms. We challenge you to make some adjustments and be intentional with tracking your organic reach. We guarantee you will see an increase if you do! 

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