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Do you have a nonprofit that is wanting to expand its social media presence? Growing your online audience can be very difficult, costly and time-consuming. We understand not everyone has the bandwidth and budget for a robust growth plan. That is why we have put together 5 tips for increasing your nonprofits social media reach using a minimal budget. 

Running several different social media platforms for your nonprofit or business can be stressful and even feel impossible sometimes, but if you follow these quick, yet useful tips, you can’t go wrong.

 5 Ways to Grow Your Nonprofits Social Media Impact

1. Interactive Content 

Posting interactive content keeps your audience engaged with the organization’s mission and values. By allowing your audience to interact directly with your posts, this will give them the opportunity to connect with your cause in a more personal and unique way. Some examples of interactive posts: a Facebook poll and Q&A sessions. 

2. Live Streaming 

Live Streaming using Instagram or Facebook makes it easy for donors to connect with your cause. Streaming events, speakers, mission trips or even advice blogs can increase the number of people who visit your page by directing them specifically to your current content and/or location. Live Streaming is becoming a remarkable way for organizations and businesses to get their message across. Make sure to let your followers know so they tune in live and in turn expand your reach.

3. Donation Call-to-action 

Did you know that on Facebook organizations can choose to set their pages call-to-action to “Donate Now?” 

Sometimes it can be hard for donors to know exactly where to donate, especially for a specific campaign or need. Including call-to-action buttons in your posts makes it easy for your donors to click the link and know exactly where the money is going. 

4. Scheduling out social posts 

Benefiting from using a social posting platform makes it easier for your organization to schedule out posts and stay on top of your weekly or monthly content. This can be done in easy as 2-3 hours and can save you the hassle of posting directly to your social platforms every day.

5. Set social goals 

Ask yourself the message you want to convey and then set objectives and strategies to achieve your goal. By setting specific social goals, you can keep your organization on track and excited to get your audience engaged.

Say you want to reach one thousand views on your newest campaign launch in the first 24 hours, you can make sure this is achieved by setting strategies to get there. It is important that all social media marketers are setting strategies to efficiently reach their social media goals.

Types of social media strategies: 

Looking to increase the impact of your social media efforts, grow your following and expand your nonprofits reach? Connect with us today to discuss how we can help convert social engagement into real life donations. 

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