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Non-profit Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategy to catalyze your mission

LHM Strategic has extensive experience working with non-profits on their marketing and communications strategy. Social media can be a powerful tool for telling your organization’s story and raising funds and community support. Over the years we have use social and digital media strategy to raise funds and build communities for non-profits assisting them in continuing their missions.

Aside from digital and social media fundraising strategy, LHM Strategic provides non-profits with all their on and offline marketing, communications and development needs. 

Let us be your mission catalysts.


Non-Profit Digital & Social Media Fundraising Case Studies:

Helping Mamas

Front Porch Project

Turning this for-profit tactic into a peer-to-peer fundraiser was a great way to get each community we serve involved and engaged, and initiate new ambassadors (the photographers) for Helping Mamas.

We developed a promotional kit for the photographers that included social media graphics and instructions on how to participate. A big part of the project was outreach to local photographers and providing assistance in getting set up with their fundraising assets and customized social media graphics so they could schedule and promote their sessions to their online community.

In the first week these efforts raised $10,000 and continued to bring in donations during the lockdown for Helping Mamas.

Project Overview

More than a book...

Client Andy Lipman contracted with LHM Strategic to assist in the marketing and communications plan for his book, The CF Warrior Project: 65 Stories of Triumph Against Cystic Fibrosis. After the initial discovery and research phase, LHM identified an opportunity to connect the client’s book with his foundation to catalyze publicity and overall success of both ventures. 


LHM developed a social media marketing strategy; the CF Warrior Project brand and movement; his website cfwarriorproject.org; and a PR strategy resulting in local and national media coverage. Since we are here to brag, we also helped this client reach his ultimate professional goal of being a live guest on the Today show in NYC. 

Meridian Behavioral Healthcare Inc.

LHM Strategic handles the ongoing social media strategy, content development and implementation for the nonprofit regional healthcare facility, Meridian Behavioral Healthcare, Inc. We are responsible for creating content calendars, developing content and implementing branding strategy for the organization across their social media channels.

The goal of their social media content is to target the following stakeholders: Potential Clients, Community Members, Donors and Employees.

Project Overview


LHM came up with the “Rain or Shine’’ campaign informational content strategy for social and digital media with the goal of educating donors on the rainy season in South Sudan, especially the impact it has on the transportation of medication and other supplies to the SSHCO clinic.

We utilized infographics, blog content, scheduled posts, email, and a Facebook live informational event for this campaign. 

The results were quick. In just three weeks, we had surpassed the original goal by over 100% and gained an increase in our digital audience of 10%. Well ahead of our goal of six weeks! 

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