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Instagram has made some major updates to its social media platform in 2020. They are rounding the year off with something every marketer needs to pay attention to—the new Instagram Guide feature.

What exactly is the Instagram Guide?

First, make sure you have the most recent version of the app. Once you update your app, you will discover a new look and the new feature. The new IG Guide feature lives in your create tab. Users can access it by tapping the plus (+) sign on the top right corner of your profile/home feed.

There you will see a list of IG functionalities and at the bottom is “Guide” with a map/brochure type of icon. When you tap on Guide, the next screen displays three types of IG Guides you can create: Places, Products and Posts.

Instagram IG Places Guide

This allows you to create lists of locations with the search, or lists based on past saved posts or your own posts. Name the guide and add a description. Important to note:  you can use images at locations you have tagged, or other users’ images tagged, in that location. This makes location tags on Instagram all the more important for marketers.

Instagram Products Guide

This allows you to create a list of your favorite products available on IG shopping. This is important for brands with Facebook and Instagram stores set up for their businesses. However, influencers and content creators often make their income on commissions. Impacting the incentive for Influencers to create product lists on IG, unless they are being compensated to do so, of course. This is a huge opportunity for marketers and influencers when approaching new collaborations going forward into 2021. 

Instagram Posts Guide

This allows you to create a guide/list of your own posts. This is something influencers and brands can use to showcase products, locations, experiences and much more. All you do is select the “Places” icon and start selecting the posts you want on your list. You can save a maximum of 30 posts allowed per Post Guide. The user also needs to give each post a title in order to publish. However, captions are optional. The IG post guide feature is similar to how users can organize story “highlights.” You can name them and create a cover image, but you are limited to how many posts you can share to the guide, just like highlights limits the amount of stories saved per highlight.

Well, that’s IG Guides in nutshell. We plan on diving into this new Instagram feature more to learn the best ways brands and marketers can use it in social media marketing strategies.

While we are not crazy about the new IG update layout, the LHM Strategic team is extremely excited to start implanting IG guides for our clients’ social media content strategies. Need help with your social media content strategy? Connect with us today.

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