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When planning social media content, a best practice is calendaring out not only your promotional campaigns but your ongoing (monthly) brand storytelling content. This process helps social media marketers identify opportunities like Wendy’s did with #NationalRoastDay. This process will look strategically different for every brand or organization, but for our clients it looks a lot like this:

Step 1: Create a 6 or 12 month content Calendar document.

Step 2: Add any important promotions/campaigns, dates, celebrations, and holidays to each month. We also open up a holiday calendar online and identify anything that connects to the client’s brand, product, service or industry. We also look for fun filler content such as #nationalselfieday or #nationaleatcakeday

Step 3: Create a monthly document with the month overview calendar, and a weekly breakdown of your social and digital content. This includes each day we are sharing online and the actual content we will share.

Step 4: Prepare the final monthly content. We like to start with all the dates and the topics we identified to create content surrounding them. Then we write content copy for each day, while at the same time batch-create the graphics, or organize the media and make note of anything missing or needing further production.

It is through this process we identify unique ideas for engaging our digital and social media audiences. This content planning process allows us to expand our content and provide more useful and fun day-to-day content for our online community that is not all about the brand.

Aside from diversifying our social media content, this process does something even more important. It helps identify unique opportunities for capitalizing on recurring events, holidays or celebrations.

Why Celebrating the Small Stuff On Social Matters

As Wendy’s recently demonstrated, taking advantage of things like #NationalRoastDay can help increase brand awareness, and grow your audience online or on specific social media platforms.

What seems like a simple tweet was strategically planned and systematically executed on Wendy’s behalf. The Wendy’s twitter account has a reputation for being snarky so celebrating #NationalRoastDay is the perfect “holiday” for them to use in their Twitter content strategy.

How it Started:

It all started off with the above Tweet on #NationalRoastDay. What happened from there was in the hands of Twitter users. 

Wendy’s is a global brand that already has a fun, sarcastic reputation on the social media platform Twitter, making it the right platform to execute their content strategy. A mere 24 hours after the initial tweet they received just under 3,000 retweets, 1,624 Quote Tweets and 28.4K likes.

Not to mention all the conversations happening off Twitter and on other users’ accounts. Brands like UPS, Popeye’s, Gillette Venus, Xbox, Aflac, and many more participated in the Twitter Roasts from Wendy’s.

To take the content beyond just one day, Wendy’s utilized a new Twitter Threads feature and spotlighted the “Best of” Roast Tweets from the #NationalRoastDay.

Wendy's #nationalroastday

The Business Impact of Wendy’s #NationalRoastDay Twitter Content Strategy

Okay, so they got a little reach on Twitter and some earned media, but how does this impact Wendy’s?  Since we do not have access to their revenue from yesterday or the overall impressions and reach, we can only provide our professional opinion. Based on what we see, it is obvious the business impact of this content strategy was twofold.

1. They got lots of digital publicity on Twitter and other social media platforms for the day.

But who cares? What does reaching the Twitter audience do for Wendy’s? Well, for starters it introduces them to a new audience of consumers. Based on Twitter platform demographics, fast food is not top of mind for most of their users. However, with the increase of Twitter activity between fast food chains like Wendy’s, Popeye’s and even Chick-fil-A, users have started taking notice and enjoying the fun, entertaining social media content being shared.

One would assume when Wendy’s executes campaigns like this successfully, they experience a spike in revenue. They also become more top of mind to the social media platform consumers.

2. They promoted their app and offered a reward for downloading it.

Another objective of this content was driving traffic to download the Wendy’s app. Throughout the day, they reminded individuals following their thread to download the app and get a free order of French fries as a reward. They even shared some promotional graphics throughout the day in between roasts. 

Without the app download metric from the day, we cannot speak to whether it worked or not. However, just like the spike in revenue we assume this Twitter content strategy did result in app downloads and usage. 

How Can You Use National Holidays and Celebrations to Increase Brand Awareness?

Just like Wendy’s, you also can capitalize on silly celebrations and national awareness days. Keep in mind Wendy’s has a reputation for being savage on Twitter so this was a perfect fit for them. If you are looking for ways to incorporate national holidays into your content strategy ask yourself some questions first:

Whether it is just for some fun, filler content or you are looking for constant strategy wins for growing your brand or increasing revenue, national holidays are great ways to mix things up with your social media content. Not to mention they are helpful as something that inspires and spawns quality content ideas.

Looking for help with your social media content creation and strategy? LHM Strategic would love to help you out! Take a look at our social media retainers today and see if working together is something we can do.

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