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National donut day and how to capital on it? When developing social media content, it can be tricky to know how far off industry topic you can/should go.

First off, when planning and developing social media content, you need to ask yourself, “What type of content should I be sharing to stick within my brand persona and industry trends?”

Keeping true to yourself and maintaining a constant voice is very important not only with digital marketing but with your overall communications strategy.

However, the beauty of social media is you CAN go off topic every now and again, and I will tell you why.

It is simple: it’s “SOCIAL” media.

People follow your company or brand to find out product and company information, catch a good sale now and then, and support your business. But most of all, they follow brands and companies so they can make a personal connection.

An easy way to make a connection with your followers is to find things to celebrate that are universal and fun – not political.

When developing your social media content calendars, consider highlighting national holidays that are a bit off track from your everyday topic. Your audience likes to see that you are more than just a perfectly curated Instagram feed.

So, if you did not already this year, make sure to add something like “National Donut Day” to your social media calendar.

Find fun ways to celebrate the day doing things like sharing photos of employees enjoying some donut delicacies, and if you are a small business share some local sales or spots to grab a yummy donut.

Your followers will love the tips AND you will make friends with other local business owners you hope will return the favor someday.


Happy National Donut Day 2018, everyone! Schedule a meeting with us today by clicking here.

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