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Monitoring your brand’s digital presence

Physical tear sheets are a thing of the past and monitoring your brand, organization, or an individual’s mentions has gone digital. Monitoring your brand online can be done quite simply these days. If you are not already doing so, what are you waiting for?

What do we mean by monitoring your digital presence?

If you are old enough (or should we say “seasoned” enough) to recall, there once were entire firms you could hire for tracking your company’s, or brand’s, media mentions, who would then send you monthly tear sheets and reports of your media hits. Now this is all done online and digitally. There are services, programs, agencies and software—you name it that track your digital (and traditional) mentions and show them to you in real time.

The cool thing about your digital presence is it spans much farther than press mentions. You can now track who is tagging your company, who shared your post, who is using your hashtags, and who is mentioning your brand in their status. You name it and it can be tracked online. This concept in the past felt invasive but as the years go by and our online behavior and social sharing becomes more and more part of our daily lives this type of monitoring has less of a stigma than it once did.

Why is it important to monitor your brand online?

Monitoring Your Brand Online

Monitoring your brand online is important because electronic word of mouth (eWOM) and relationship marketing are the most powerful and results-driven tactics in marketing today. Not only will it convert, but it also is equally important knowing what people are saying about you as it is making a sale. If it is good capitalize on that; if it is bad address the problem head on. I like to describe digital and social marketing as the new wave brand and reputation management. You need to know what people are saying to shape and influence their opinions of you.

How do you monitor your brand’s online mentions?

Great question! There are several ways to monitor your brand online and figuring out what your company’s needs and financial abilities are will impact how you monitor your brand digital presence and mentions.

Free ways to monitor your brand online:

Google Alerts: This is an old-school method on monitoring online mentions and press hits. Just sign up to receive notifications when your company name or any other keyword or phrases surrounding your brand are mentioned online. Google will send you email notification with links to the online content as they come in. Monitoring your brand online with Google Alerts is a great start.

Social Media Mentions: Uses the tool provided by the social media platforms you are using to see who is tagging your profile. This is often referred to as “social media mentions” and will show up in your notifications.

Follow Hashtags: You can follow hashtags on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to track who is using them. Depending on the platform they are shown differently, but most often they are displayed in a feed or integrated into your feed content. Twitter has an amazing tool for tracking hashtags and mentions called Tweet Deck.

Content Publishing Platforms: There are tons of auto publishing platforms to help schedule and publish your social media posts and campaigns. Often these platforms provide analytics and track mentions. However, to get access to their more robust data they will require a paid subscription.

What are some paid digital monitoring options?

I’m glad you asked! As mentioned, most auto publishers offer more in-depth analytics and brand monitoring with a subscription. There is wide range of monitoring services available. Some are merely a dashboard your company manages, and others connect you with a representative who helps monitor your brand online.

Here is a list of some of the platforms for monitoring your brand online, in case you are interested in allocating some of your budget to this (highly suggested).

Raven tools


Sprout Social


Melt Water

These are just a few that pop into my mind, but there are many others out there so make sure you do your research on what tool will work best for your company’s needs.

Want to take your social presence farther? Connect with us today to discuss your social and digital media strategy for 2020.

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