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During this pandemic, I know many marketing professionals, us included, have been sharing their opinions and tips on how to adjust and shift marketing efforts as we experience prolonged storefront closures, and our entire nation sheltering in place.  Marketing post pandemic will not be the same.

An area LHM Strategic has been actively focusing on is figuring out what’s next for our clients. At this point, we all should have shifted gears to a more digital approach to everyday business.

The way consumers will approach doing shopping, dining, traveling and everyday life will be different post pandemic. This is a hard pill to swallow for some, but those who are quick to adapt, will thrive.

Same goes for how we operate our businesses.

It is interesting to see work culture make the shift from required in-office hours to work-from-home alternatives. Lots of organizations in the U.S. resisted allowing that until now.

Our agency started based on a need for our founder to have balance, flexibility and the freedom to continue growing personally and professionally. Now, this approach of working from home will finally shift to a norm, just like grocery shopping on your phone, or opting for dining in rather than out.

Our culture, both at home and at work, has officially shifted and will continue adjusting toward a more remote and digitally accessible global community. Kind of exciting if you’re like us and have pushed for the digitalization of business and organizations for the past several years. Our team has the same excitment for a digital first approach to marketing post pandemic.

What this Means for Marketing and Business Operations

It’s simple. Marketing leadership must focus on a digital-first approach. As I like to say in my social media lectures, digital is no longer the future of Marketing; it is the now.

For marketing post pandemic, this means focusing on developing content marketing strategy connecting the consumer with the brand. Telling more stories for making more authentic connections. Creating engaging and interactive content more fitting for this new way of life.

For those of us old enough to remember SIM City and FarmVille, this virtual way of living is not too far off. Who would have thought all that training would pan out?

marketing post pandemic, how SIMCITY and Farmvill help us prep.

All kidding aside, focusing on digital experience first will not only differentiate the leaders in Marketing as we all move beyond the pandemic. It will keep your brand relevant, top of mind, and even cultivate authentic experiences and content that will make the consumer feel like they are part of your brand’s story.

For more on the Next Wave of marketing, click here. Looking for a way to prepare your team for the future of digital and social media marketing? Connect with our founder and lead consultant, Laurie Michaelson, APR, about training your team and strategizing with leadership.

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