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Good keyword research starts with the end user just like everything for SEO. Keyword research can be overwhelming but there are a few places you can start creating content that will result in improved organic search results and first-page results on Google.

First, let’s define a few things related to Keyword Research:

Keyword: A word that best describes the content on the page.

Focus Keyphrase: The focus keyphrase is the search term you want your page to rank for the most, so when people search for that keyword or phrase, they should find you. A focus keyphrase can be a word, like “donuts,” but also a phrase, like “best donuts in Atlanta.”

Keyword research

Key points along with some Tips and Tricks to keep in mind:

Your audience: Understand how your target audience is searching for content. Determine the types of words, phrases, slang, etc., they might use in a search.

Check out your competition: Once you research and brainstorm a few keywords and focus keyphrases, test them out and see what comes up. Look at the top three results and analyze the wording. What does their SEO title look like? What other phrases are they using and how are they presenting their content?

Determine any niches you can fit into: Sometimes competing for high-level keyphrases and words is hard. Do you see any opportunities to tweak your content into your specific niche (for example: location, price, or topic niche such as: Atlanta donuts to Instagram worthy donut spots in Atlanta)?

Website Categories and Keyword Research: You cannot target general keyphrases in every page or post, but you can use website categories to do so. Something to keep in mind is not using the same keyphrases for your posts because that turns your own content into the competition. Setting up categories for your “main” keywords helps your site still target them while allowing you to niche down per post.

SEO has many parts and keyword research is an important one. Getting started can be hard and if you need help read more here, or contact us today by emailing laurie@lhmstratigic.com and set up a free SEO consultation.

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