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Facebook Rolls Out New Look – July 2020

In what might seem like a strange time to change things up, social media powerhouse Facebook has started rolling out a new look in a July 2020 update. Maybe with more people on social media these days, Facebook felt it was a good time for reaching an optimal number of users with the changes.  Or maybe the designers just had extra time on their hands and were bored.

Whatever the reason, this new look offers a light and dark mode as well as some changes in Profile and Page aesthetics.

Dark Mode on Facebook:

Dark mode is nothing new, but for Facebook desktop and mobile app this is surprisingly the first update to include the dark-mode function.

“Within Facebook’s family of apps alone, dark mode is already available on Messenger, in Facebook Lite, on WhatsApp, and Instagram. Facebook even added dark mode to its recently expanded desktop app refresh.” — Social Media Today.

New Menu and Video features:

Other changes are in the top menu and in notifications. Now there is a notification icon for “Watch,” i.e. video content. This is not a surprise since there have been many rumors in the social-media world about Facebook’s predictions that content on their platform will be 100% video in the next few years.

The Watch dashboard has a left-sided menu with your watch list and icons for Home, Shows, Live and Saved. We are looking forward to seeing how the saved function impacts video views and the Facebook EdgeRank overall. There also is an option for viewing all your friends’ video-only notifications.

This seems like an obvious move for pushing users toward consuming more video content. Facebook sure does love native-video content.

Facebook update -Watch page

Pages tab is simplified:

We are a fan of the simplicity of the Pages dashboard. As a social-media marketing agency, we have lots of pages on our accounts, so this new layout is clean and simple for allowing us to easily navigate to our clients’ Pages.

Groups dashboard improvements:

The Groups tab leads to its very own dashboard, as well with a newsfeed and search function for the many groups we are all guilty of being a part of on Facebook. We are looking forward to the ease of finding group updates in one place and not counting on important things to show up in the main newsfeed.

Create button is a one-stop shop:

The + button on the top left of the header menu opens a Create drop down menu where you can add a post, share to your story, or add a life event, as well as click to manage your Pages, advertise, and more.

Things that haven’t changed in the July 2020 Facebook Update:

There are so many other things I am sure we will discover when we have time to dive into the July 2020 Facebook Update more deeply. We are fans of the new look, but like all changes it will take some getting accustomed to. LHM Strategic is looking forward to digging into this new update more, and finding ways it will benefit our clients’ social-media marketing efforts.

Need help navigating the new changes on Facebook? Give us a call today 770-765-2924 and let’s chat about how we can help.

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