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Is your website out of date? Does your website need updating?

Your website is an invaluable tool for your brand and the success of your business. At times, this is the only interaction a customer or potential customer will have with your company.

In the digital world, things change and they change fast. Wondering if your website might be needing are refresh? Take this quick quiz to find out. 

Is your website out of date?

Here’s a quick quiz to determine if your website needs an update or an overhaul.

  1. Have you updated your content in the last 24 months?




Yes NO





If you answered yes to only one or two of these questions, or to none, it might be time for a full update. If you answered yes to three or more, you need to consider a significant update to your website. 

However, don’t be scared! Making updates and even getting an overhaul can be time and cost-effective if you work with a professional and a big boost to your bottom line. Schedule a call with us today and mention this quiz for $500 off your website overhaul!

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