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Influencer marketing is a buzzword on the digital marketing scene these days. Unfortunately, not many marketers are taking advantage of this new way of marketing.

Research shows that referrals and word of mouth are the bread and butter for small “local” businesses. But as our culture evolves, the way people are receiving input on buying decisions is going far beyond asking a friend or family member.

As new generations (and old) turn to social media and their online communities for referrals on travel, shopping, insurance and more, there is a great opportunity for small businesses to grow through influencer marketing.

Here are FIVE ways your small company can be using influencers and blogger as a marketing tool:

  1. Offer free services or products for review to local bloggers and influencers. No matter how small a town you are in, there is more than likely a lifestyle blogger that fits your niche. 
  2. Use their social media feed as a billboard. Want to make sure you get the posts you want and positive reviews? Offer payment for content creation. Have the blogger create photos and videos they can share on their page. You can re-share and use this content as well. It’s a great way to get authentic content.
  3. Host events and have bloggers and influencers co-host with you. This will bring in their local following and get you impressions from members of the community you would have never reached with traditional marketing.
  4. Have them do a social media takeover! This will also give you new followers and in turn more people to receive your messages and learn about your services. Instagram or Facebook stories are the perfect spots for this!
  5. Connect and engage with them on social media! Comment on their posts and that will encourage them to engage with your brand online. In turn, their followers will see your posts and you will gain brand awareness and recognition. You might even gain a few new followers!

Overall, Influencer Marketing is underestimated and underused by small and medium-sized companies.

As the digital world changes so do the way people communicate and share their referrals and experience. Make sure you are ahead of the game. This also is a lot more affordable than a billboard or digital ad and I guarantee you if done right, you with get more ROI.

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