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Influencer marketing is a staple in digital marketing efforts for brands and organizations of all sizes. However, like lots of marketing trends we are seeing lots of companies jumping on the bandwagon but making some big Influencer Marketing mistakes.

As we discussed in Influencer Marketing for small business this marketing tactic can have a big impact no matter the company size. We have also outlined some Do’s and Don’ts of influencer Marketing. In this post we want to focus on a few marketers you need to STOP doing if they want to get a return on their Influencer Marketing investment.

influencer marketing mistakes

3 things you need to STOP doing as you implement Influencer Marketing

influencer marketing is not one size fits all

STOP approaching each influencer with the same deliverables!

Not all influencers are made equal and their content will perform differently depending on the social media platform, the type of content, their voice, etc. When working with influencers reach out with a plan but give them the opportunity to contribute to the final deliverables. Letting influencers create content in a manner fitting their brand and skill set will get you better quality content and more of a personal investment in the collaboration. Influencer marketing is not one size fits all.

don't DM and influencer

STOP trying to reach out through their DMs!

Imagine how many DMs influencers get in one day. In some cases, it could be hundreds or thousands depending on the influencer. Don’t be lazy. Do your research or just click on the email icon on their profile. If they are a good Influencer or Content Creator their email will be easy to find so use it. Sending a DM should be a last resort, and if you really want their attention tag them in a comment on their page. Don’t make this influencer marketing mistake

influencer marketing ROI takes time

STOP thinking working with influencers will result in immediate ROI!

Influencer marketing can result in more sales, increased website and social media traffic, and much more. But like traditional Public Relations, the value in Influencer Marketing is not the instant increase of sales. The value is in the reach, increased awareness, user-generated content, EWOM and the long-term impact all of these things will have on your brand.

Influencer Marketing is a digital form of PR and should be treated as such. There is no such thing as a short lead media tactic. It takes time, relationship building and an integrated approach. The impact of good influencer collaboration benefits your brand significantly, so why not do it right?

Looking for ways to incorporate influencer marketing into your digital marketing strategy? We can help! Connect with us today to get started.

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