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Lots of people ask us how can they improve their organic SEO. As we mentioned in our Understanding SEO post, creating quality content will improve your SEO. Creating quality content for your digital marketing strategy will be the determining factor of not only organic SEO but of conversion. The perception of a “good writer” is very different in digital and social media content. When writing for SEO or social media many of the rules you learned in the classroom hold little authority in digital marketing. Writing for your end user is the most important.

Tips for creating quality content for SEO:

Make sure it is “New” or “Original” content

Make sure it is easy to read – Readability impacts your SEO

Structure is important:

Improve your organic SEO

More Tips For Creating Quality Content that Improves SEO

Improving your organic SEO is more than just optimizing. Having good content improves your bounce rate, builds trust with visitors, makes your call to action clear, and improves your SEO. Making quality content is one of the most important factors in your digital marketing strategy not only for SEO, but also for overall impact and conversions. Consider outsourcing content creation to an expert like LHM Strategic. Having good, quality content can make or break your digital marketing efforts.

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