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IG Growth Hacks Growing Your Brand’s Instagram Presence

With Instagram increasingly being used in marketing strategy, growing your brand’s Instagram in 2021 has become more important. Instagram is used for engaging directly with consumers and stakeholders, and with paid and organic advertising of products and services, there’s lots of pressure (and need) for businesses to keep up with the current trends on the popular social media app Instagram. IG growth is on the top of the list for many brands and businesses.

While there is no magic formula or one-size-fits-all Instagram strategy, we have compiled a list of IG growth hacks your business can use for growing its IG community in 2021.

Posting content that engages your followers is vital to customers resonating with your brand. Create content telling a story about your brand and keep your customers interested. Now more than ever consumers expect your brand to represent not only products or services, but to build a community around your offerings that reflects their own interests and beliefs.

IG Growth Hacks

Five IG Growth Hacks that will help grow your business and gain new followers on Instagram! 

ONE: Use Instagram Stories – Maximize IG stories to highlight brand updates and new product launches quicker than posting to your feed. Because of the algorithm, Instagram stories are known to be viewed by a greater number of followers. It is important to not only show up in the stories feature but that you do so authentically. At the same time do not forget to tag locations and utilize hashtags to increase your organic reach on the app. This helps users discover you and your content and hopefully grow your following.

TWO: Go Live – Lives have become more popular over the last few months with the major shift to online work. Businesses want to connect with their audience in a personal way and IG Lives are a way to do it. These are great for holding Q&A sessions and video segments. The cool thing about IG Lives is your followers will get a notification when you’re going Live, whether they are actively on the app or not!  You can also collaborate with other brands, influencers, employees — you name it—to go live with. This helps cross promote the content to their following resulting in reaching new users and growing your following on Instagram.

THREE: Engage with other accounts – Engage with other accounts you think your target consumer follows. This allows more people to discover your profile and in turn to engage with you! This is a key component of Instagram’s success many businesses overlook. Comment on similar brands’ content, reply to their community’s relevant posts. Take time to follow, comment and like other accounts your followers may be interested in. Being on social media is more than just a commitment to share content these days. It is a commitment to building a community and providing value to that community. This is one way to do just that!

FOUR: Use hashtags – Using hashtags is an easy way to generate and promote your posts in order to reach more followers. 

According to a post by Foundr, it was found that posts with hashtags in the caption outperformed posts with hashtags in the comments. Using the right hashtags makes a big difference. Make sure to research hashtags specific to your industry, brand and services or the type of content you are sharing. This will increase your discoverability and help grow your following and increase your content reach overall.  

FIVE: Collaborate with Influencers – Partnering with influencers is a great way to cross promote your communities. Make sure to encourage User Generated content you can reshare, as well as pay content creators for their work if appropriate. In our years of managing influencer marketing efforts across industries, we have found collaborative giveaways are the best ways to grow your Instagram following. Not only do they help you grow but the influencer will see account growth too. Win! Win! For more Influencer marking tips read : 5 Ways Small Companies Can Use Influencer Marketing as a Powerful Marketing Tool in 2019

Have you tried any of these hacks yourself? We would love to hear about it in the comments.

Engaging with your followers on Instagram is essential for creating an Instagram presence that has a return for your business. Create content that stands out and build your engagement better than it was before! Be intentional in what you share, whom you connect with, and how you can provide value to your followers. It is no longer enough to just be present on any social media platforms. Social media marketing success takes an investment in time, content and community.

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