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Ten months have passed since the COVID-19 outbreak that left thousands of people adjusting to a new normal. For many, this new version of normal has meant working from the comfort of home. 

LHM Strategic employees have always worked remotely. Because of this, we are offering up some helpful tips for those still adjusting to the new working from home normal.

Working from home sounds pretty awesome right? Roll out of bed, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and sit on your couch or at your desk in your PJs without a care in the world what you look like because you don’t have to go into an office. However, if you’re new to the work-from-home lifestyle, don’t be surprised if you are having a harder time adjusting while juggling kids, implementing earlier morning routines, and even creating boundaries with other people in your household. 

We have compiled a list of tips to help your work-from-home transition become a more productive one. 

7 Tips for Working from Home

  1. Create a morning routine – Do you have a morning routine, or do you wing it? Creating a routine getting you out of bed and wanting to work is no easy feat. Set up a routine you look forward to! Whether that’s a cup of your favorite coffee to start the day, a hearty breakfast or some morning yoga. Starting your day off with something you look forward to before getting to that lengthy to-do list makes for a better workday. 
  2. Have a dedicated workspace – It might be easy staying organized in your office setting but a lot harder at home. Having a dedicated workspace is the key to success. Set up a place with good Wi-Fi reception and keep track of all your current and upcoming tasks on a calendar. An external keyboard and additional monitor also is useful when working on projects and communicating with colleagues regularly. 
  3. Set reminders – Keep up with daily tasks and upcoming ZOOM calls by setting reminders on your phone or external device. You don’t want to miss a work meeting from home! This also works for things like remembering lunch breaks, or to get up and stretch your legs. Sometimes the lack of the usual office distractions results in working through the day nonstop. This might seem productive but it is not healthy on a long-term basis. Getting up and moving is better for your back, circulation, and eyes if you are on the computer all day.
  4. Develop ground rules – Keeping your little ones from jumping into your lap, showing you the colorful picture they thoughtfully sketched out with crayons during an important business call can be a challenge. Having to shoo them away with your hand under the table, or mouthing “mommy’s working,” is never easy. But then again, neither is having ANYONE in the household bugging you during the workday. Establishing ground rules with your loved ones by posting a daily schedule somewhere visible will help keep them at bay during important times of the day. For the youngest ones it may not be as simple, so incorporating electronic time or a fun activity may keep them busy just long enough to make it to lunch!
  5. Cut yourself some slack – Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you work 10 hours straight with no breaks. Give yourself time to take a lunch break! Make time to go outside for some fresh air, and take a few minutes for yourself.
  6. Don’t let coworkers bug you 24/7 either. Set boundaries for them to maintain work/life balance as well. Remember, just because you are working from home, doesn’t mean it’s not stressful or 24/7.
  7. Put notes on your door.- If you are on a call or need to focus put up a Do Not Disturb note. You can also put one on your front door! If the Amazon delivery guy or the neighborhood kids are ringing your doorbell and it is a distraction, leave them a note too!

Working from home can be a huge benefit!

These are just some work-from-home tips from LHM. Find what works best for you and implement them daily. No routine is perfect but having one can make a world of a difference. Don’t forget, you’re not the only one in wearing pajama pants and fuzzy slippers underneath that desk. 

Looking for tips on managing a remote team? Our Founder Laurie Michaelson compiled Tips for Managing a Remote Team., check it out!

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