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Figuring out how to get started with Keyword research can seem overwhelming. As we discussed in our in-depth post on SEO, starting with end-user and keyword research is imperative. Many people ask us how to get started with keyword research because it can be overwhelming and intimidating. But just like content creation for social media, there are a few easy steps you can follow to kickoff your Keyword research efforts.

Keyword Research Steps to Success– Getting Started:

Keyword research How To Get Started with Keyword Research

Step One: First, make sure you have defined your brand and mission. What type of content are you sharing and why?

Step Two: Make a list of all keywords and phrases you think someone might use when searching for your content.

Step Three: Look at the competition. Who is ranking for the keywords and phrases you think your target audiences are using? Review their content and find even more specific keywords.

Step Four: Niche down your keywords and develop your categories. If there are general topic keywords on your list use them as categories on your website.

Example: Mom bloggers who focus on Lifestyle. Categories: Fashion for Moms, Home Décor, Easy Recipes, Family Travel. These are very broad keywords and using them for targeting in on just one page or blog post would be hard.

Step Five: Use research to create your content. When you start with the target keyphrase it is much easier to have optimized content and will in turn improve organic SEO on your website.

There are many factors in play when it comes to search ranking and improving your site’s organic search results. We have provided insight into page speed and other tricks for ramping up your SEO overall. Once you are ready to get started make sure to check out our Tips and Tricks post.

LHM Strategic also provides SEO, website content creation and management services, as well as website development. If you are still not sure where to start or who can take this task on, let us know and we can help! Contact us today by emailing laurie@lhmstratigic.com and set up a free SEO consultation.

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