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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is extremely important to discoverability and website traffic in the digital marketing world. However, the topic of SEO and improving one’s SEO can seem like an overwhelming task for individuals who don’t have a background in web development. Here are 10 easy-to-implement and actionable tips for improving your website’s organic SEO and getting more website traffic this year.

10 ways to improve your SEO and get more website traffic in 2020

  1. Make sure your site speed measures up. An easy place to start with improving site speed is to compress your images and other site graphics and media. Test it here.
  2. Is your site “mobile-first indexing”? Google now considers the mobile version of your site to be the primary version. So make sure the design and load speed is up to par with the desktop version in 2020.
  3. Start with your Keywords and Phrases. Before you start writing and creating content, identify keywords and phrases focused on content you want showing up in a search. Look at how other posts and websites are showing up in the top three. Identify similarities and opportunities by looking at your competitors.
  4. Set up your Google Business page. This is quick and easy. Just visit Google Support.
  5. Add the Google Site Kit plugin to your website. This plugin connects all your Google tools into one place on your WordPress Dashboard. It gives you a snapshot of how your site is doing and information on any changes and fixes needed for improved SEO, site speed, and more!
  6. Create a site Map for Google for easily crawling using XML-Sitemaps. or any other trustworthy site map generator.
  7. Create “sister post” content. Simply put, write “follow up” posts or more niche posts on a topic link providing more in-depth info or answering the next question searchers might have on the topic.
  8. Think before you write. Ask yourself, “Why is this content important? What question or value does it add to the reader?” Research what other people are writing about surrounding that topic.
  9. Use Yoast! If using WordPress, make sure to download the free SEO plugin Yoast. It is a great free tool for optimizing content, and for getting your snippets and site metadata set up in an easy user-friendly way.
  10. Focus on your end-user and their search behaviors. Understanding how your content answers their question or solves their problem will help you craft great content specifically targeting their idea keyword search phrases and keeping their dwell time up on your site, improving your overall SEO.

As I mentioned, site speed is important to good organic SEO so click here for three quick and easy ways to improve your site’s speed without redesigning your entire website.

how to get more website traffic

Looking to outsource your SEO and get more website traffic in 2020? We would love to talk about how LHM Strategic can work together with you team to take your digital SEO strategy and optimization to the next level. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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