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How to catalyze your media presence

In today’s world, the way you present yourself online can catalyze your media presence if done the right way. Often our clients initial goals for engaging with us are to get more media placement. Clients seem surprised when we suggest they build their digital brand first.

The way you show up online plays a big role into how press evaluates your ability to show up on camera and your overall newsworthiness. Having a well-developed digital presence gives you a leg up on the competition. Add an engaged online community to the mix and you just went from a great news story to a worthwhile investment from the news outlet perspective.

How to Gain Publicity Through Your Online Presence

How can your presence online help you gain more press?

1: Having a presence online makes you more discoverable:

Everyone is online these days, traditional news producers included. If you have a well branded presence on social media and an active online community, producers will notice. Whether they pass you in their newsfeed or find you with a Google search, you must be there to be discovered! The more professional you look the better your chances of having local or national media connecting with you.

2: Helps you Look the part:

Like we mentioned in number one, the more professional or legitimate you appear online the more likely media is to reach out to you for an interview or ask for your input as an industry leader or topic expert. There are lots of ways to achieve this with social media profiles and dedicated websites. Making sure you have developed a personal brand is important. Learn more about that in: your-digital-presence-personal-branding-online/

3. Work towards digital publication media hits:

Just like local media helps national media notice you. When published or included in a digital publication you become more discoverable online. Not to mention these media hits will improve your websites SEO if they backlink to your content. If you already have social channels and communities, sharing your media hits on those channels goes a long way in establishing yourself as an industry leader or authority.

4. You are what you put online:

More simply put, you can be whatever or whoever you want to be online! Digital media like personal websites and social media give you the power of developing your personal brand and presenting yourself how you want to be seen. Media hits or no media hits, you can represent yourself authentically and build your very own online community. Gaining publicity through your online presence can be as easy as creating your own personal website. So why not create an online presence that represents exactly how you would like to be perceived.?

5. Accessibility:

Being online makes you accessible to ALL media, big and small. They can find your contact info on your website or profiles, or just shoot you a direct message (DM). It also gives you a professional platform for reaching out directly to media whose attention you want to attract. You can DM publications, or tag them in your social posts when sharing newsworthy content.

There are plenty of strategies and tactics you can use via social media to get the attention of producers and media outlets. Your online brand and overall digital presence will gain the press attention and media hits you are striving for. Establishing yourself online gets you one step closer to your dream of being a guest on shows like the TODAY show or GMA!

Once you get interview requests make sure you are ready! Read more of our tips on how to show up camera ready for your virtual press interviews.

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