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Instagram’s new user-friendly Guide’s feature has been underutilized and underrated, and let me tell you why! Instagram Guides allows businesses engagement with their published content in a way that provides value and guidance for their consumers. If done right, it also provides an opportunity for connecting small businesses with content creators and other small businesses for collaborating and showcasing each other’s products, services and locations.

What are Instagram Guides? 

Instagram Guides is a new feature recently added as a way for sharing past and present content on Instagram, as well as let users engage with a variety of filtered content. You can choose from three formats: Places, Products and Posts. 

If you’re a small business, you are most likely posting to social media several times a week. But not everyone is able to see it right away and if it is a story, it is only available to users for 24 hours. This is such a short time for all that work you put in! 

Instagram Guides allows your business to compile a Guide of relevant content for quick access. The best part is when users use the Guide feature to view your content, it will revert them back to the original post. Read more here: New Guide Feature on Instagram

5 ways Instagram Guides take your business IG game to the next level!

  1. Offer Resources – The Guides feature helps your business compile beneficial resources for a quick and easy way of access for what users are looking for.
  2. Highlighting Products – Highlighting new or trending products can keep your product content organized and easily accessible. 
  3. Create Shopping Lists – Not only can you highlight products, but you also can create themed, seasonal and practical shopping guides for consumers. This can be only with your products or in collaboration between other Facebook and IG Shops on the platform.
  4. Build community – Guides allows anyone to use your content when checking into a physical location and vice versa. Intentionally tag locations and share quality, branded content in a way others will want to engage with, and share in their guides.
  5. Promotions – IG Guides can be a great way of incorporating a quick access link or buying options for the product. 
How Small Businesses Can Use The New Instagram Guides Feature

More ways to use Instagram Guides:

Share Tips – Instagram Guides are a great way to get creative with tips and tricks! Instead of your list expiring on Instagram Stories after 24-hours, now users can go back and look at tips when they need them. 

Q&A’s – Are you a small business? Have you ever posted polls on your story? If so, then you are likely getting lots of questions. Creating a Guide of questions for your users is a great way to maximize Instagram Guide’s potential. 

Tell a story – Sharing stories can be a great way to get people interested in your brand. Create a Guide that will share your story with new followers. 

The best thing about an IG Guide is you can use existing content for incorporating marketing messaging and calls to action as it fits your strategy. The easiest way to get started is to go through your past content and break it down into categories.

Although Instagram Guides has been around since December 2020 not many businesses are utilizing this new IG tool.  Jump on the Instagram Guide trend before it’s too late and spice up your marketing efforts with these easy and effective ways of using Guides. Ignite interactivity and build community with this new IG feature. Want help implementing Instagram Guides? Let’s chat!

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