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How Instagram is Changing in 2019? And you thought the algorithm was the problem ...

How Instagram is Changing in 2019

Well, it is officially happening. Over the past few weeks, influencers and businesses have been reporting lower engagement rates and an overall drop in views on Instagram.

So many people focus on “beating the algorithm” but to be honest, the algorithm is not something you should waste time trying to beat. 

The actual problem is that Instagram (owned by Facebook) is making the transition from organic impressions to paid. Yup, just like its big brother Facebook. The writing is on the walls and this is not something we can “beat.” It is something we should prepare to adapt to.

Companies need to start budgeting for advertising on Instagram the same way they do for Facebook. Obviously, this is a huge bummer for businesses, and influencers small and large, but it is happening and being ready for it will keep you in the game.

Influencer marking will be impacted as well since bloggers have less reach no matter how many likes or followers they receive. 

When planning your next influencer campaign, make sure to budget for the paid promotion of the posts. I promise you Instagram will reward your paid efforts and the campaign will be seen just as much if not more than before.

These IG changes are a disappointment, but we are not shocked and you shouldn’t be, either. Stay ahead of the curve and take a deep breath. This is not the death of engagement on IG; it is just a slight change in how online marketers and brands must approach Instagram strategy moving forward.

Still wondering How Instagram is Changing in 2019 and beyond?

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