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How a Digital Marketing Agency Can Help During a Pandemic

While there is an obvious bias with this post on how a digital marketing agency can help your team during a pandemic, (considering we are indeed a digital marketing agency), our team has been in your shoes and we know how to walk in them. Especially lead consultant Laurie Michaelson, APR., who served as a Marketing and Development executive for a Behavioral Healthcare organization. Crisis communications and shifting gears is second nature to her.

That being said, we have been on both sides of the table and know first-hand the benefit of hiring a marketing consultant or firm to come in and help your team. If you have never worked with a digital marketing agency before you may be wondering, “Why start now?” How do you get started when you barely have time to think while your shifting marketing efforts and working with limited staff, most likely all remotely?

Let us illustrate:

7 Things a Digital Marketing Agency Can Help with During the Pandemic:

  1. Provide an alternative perspective: This is one of the most valuable things about working with a consultant or agency. Sometimes having a new set of eyes on the problem or project is exactly what you need.
  2. Take over the busy work: Yes, we love planning and strategy, BUT we can also come in and just help create content. Writing social media copy, creating graphics and other media is a big time drain for your team. Working with a digital marketing agency eliminates the many hours your team would need to spend creating content so you can focus on community management or other marketing efforts.
  3. Develop a Road Map: Did you take the steps outlined in Getting Started with your social media content and need more of a kick start? A digital marketing firm can come in and outline how to implement your strategy and guide you in that implementation. Speaking of implementation …digital marketing road map
  4. Elevate your efforts: There are many ways social media agencies can elevate and enhance your efforts! One way is by adding some extra eyes on your community and assisting in community management. They can reply to comments, like and comment on potential customers’ content, and more. All of these are things a successful social media marketing strategy requires.
  5. Execute your plan: An agency can automate and execute your digital marketing strategy and plan for you by making sure content is created, ads are placed, and posts are scheduled. At the same time they can check in and track campaigns, assuring everything is running smoothly.
  6. Add to your head count: Working with a marketing agency and consultants gives your company instant access to a team of seasoned professionals saves costs. No need to hire, train and provide benefits for a new employee! You get access to the digital agency’s team of professionals and can benefit from their variety of experiences and perspectives.
  7. Get it done faster: Bringing in help can expedite the process of planning, content creation, and much more. Need to shift gears during the pandemic? No problem! It’s a solution that can alleviate the amount of stress you and your team is experiencing during a crisis.

Every marketing team’s needs are different and bringing on extra help never hurts, especially during a crisis. In fact, you will find it is just like investing in paid advertising. Investing in a social media firm can increase your ROI and give your team a much-needed relief during stressful times.

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