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If you’re a Creator, Publisher or Marketer you will want to learn about Facebook’s new Monetization options. 

Facebook recently launched their new monetization options for its users. These options have a focus on content creation and publishing but are going to be valuable to businesses, individuals and organizations alike.  

For some time now, Facebook has faced a lot of social and even legal pressure around the topic of monetization, and this rollout is without a doubt its response to that pressure. According to Facebook, it would like to become a one-stop shop for brands and creators to create, share and monetize their content through the FB platform. 

Impacts of Facebook Monetization

Other platforms like YouTube have been allowing users to monetize content and communities within their platforms. Facebook has been the only one to profit directly from advertising on the platform—but that is changing!

Not only has Facebook addressed the issue of profiting off its users, but it has rolled brand collaborations and management into the mix with this new feature launch. 

Yikes, the largest Social Media platform in the WORLD is about to take on influencer marketing! Currently individual agencies (link us) and platforms like Social Native and Heartbeat have worked with brands and influencers to develop and implement influencer marketing campaigns. Now Facebook is offering a one-stop shop for platforms using Instagram and Facebook in their influencer strategy.

Keep in mind content has to follow certain guidelines before being eligible for monetization products. But hey, it’s a start!

Facebook’s Monetization options

Walmart Vibes

To be completely honest this is giving us major Walmart Vibes. Facebook has flexed its reach and deep pockets in the past with markets. Remember back in the day when organic reach was possible on Facebook? Yeah, we do too. Anyways … 

On a more positive note, Facebook’s creator monetization and brand platform is only available to users who have what we refer to as major influence (100,000+ communities) versus the Micro influencers who can be anywhere from 100 to 15,000 followers. This means there is still a need for external agencies and platforms to identify and manage influencer campaigns for brands. Phew—for now!

For your brand to qualify, you must have:

Monetizing on Facebook Live Streams 

Live is another focus Facebook has worked on expanding. Users looking to add in-stream ads into their lives will need to have 60,000 Live minutes viewed in the last 60 days to qualify. In addition, the company is increasing awareness of their Stars gift-giving program.

Paid Events on Facebook

Most users have access to this new form of monetization and can start using it right away. Now creators, businesses and brands can host paid events live on Facebook. The set up is simple, so as long as you have the right event to host, and an online community ready and willing to invest in attending them, you can start monetizing your events today. Facebook paid events will be great for coaches, trainers and other professional services looking for ways to diversify their income. 

Instant Articles

According to Facebook, the Instant Articles feature uses “a native format for publishers to create fast and interactive articles on Facebook.”

Instant Articles gives you the ability to tell stories in a branded and customizable article format that uploads fast on mobile. This format allows you to customize articles to fit your brand and make it come alive. Read more in our post about Facebook Instant articles here: What are Facebook Instant Articles ?

Before You Dive In

The new monetization options on Facebook are very intriguing and will without a doubt change the way creators and marketers approach using this social media platform. Before you get too excited, make sure to take a step back and strategize what new features suit your content and overall goals and objectives on Facebook platforms. 

Once you have done that then start strategizing ways to monetize online or utilize Facebook’s new influencer database.

Facebook’s new Monetization options

Facebook is hoping its new monetization options for brands helps it diversify its content and grow its communities. 

Stay connected with us to stay on top of Facebook updates and social media news and trends. 

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