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There have been so many updates to Facebook’s offerings for Creators, Brands and Marketers these days. Facebook Fan Subscriptions is one of the ways creators on the social media platform can potentially start using to monetize their efforts on the platform.

The Facebook platform is a crowd favorite in the coaching industry. Their overall user reach and features, like Facebook Groups, make building robust strong communities on the platform easy. This makes it the perfect place to focus on launching a course, enhancing thought leadership, selling your services, and much more.  

FAcebook Fan subscriptions

What are Facebook Fan Subscriptions? 

Fan subscriptions allow dedicated audiences to support the pages they are interested in with monthly, recurring payments. It is a similar concept to the crowdfunding platform for creators and creatives alike, Patreon.

Facebook even follows a similar subscription model to Patreon. Subscribers can be rewarded with benefits, such as exclusive content, personal interactions and a supporter badge, all set and priced according to the creator’s preference. Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter have used these support and reward methods for years and have found great success. So while Facebook is a tad late to the party, this new montication feature will without a doubt provide value to users and creators already using their platform.

Customized Experience

Consistency in branding is important no matter if you are a brand, organization or individual. Facebook’s Fan Subscriptions allow for complete customization of the supporter’s experience as a subscriber.

Before you get started:

Like all marketing tactics you should make sure to do your research and plan how you can utilize this new Facebook feature. Fan Subscriptions might not work for everyone. Make sure you have all this figured out before you start:

Facebook is rapidly evolving and Fan Subscriptions can expand your community and your brand if done right. Just like some of their other monetization options, not everyone can use this feature just yet.

How to qualify your page for FB Fan Subscriptions? 

If you would like to learn more about fan subscriptions and how to enable them for your page, click here

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