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As mentioned in our previous Electronic Word of Mouth (EWOM) – Your most valuable marketing tool post, electronic word of mouth (EWOM) is the most impactful tool in your digital marketing toolbox. Why? Because EWOM builds relationships and trust with consumers, making them more likely to refer your brand, use your products, or suggest your services to others. 

Now more than ever before, consumers express their satisfaction or disappointment through online reviews on businesses’ websites, in Google reviews, on social media, and more. With the shift in online behavior triggered by the pandemic in 2020, EWOM has become even more relevant for 2021.

Almost all businesses moved online in 2020 and will remain online in 2021, changing how we share and spread EWOM. With so much shopping, socializing and work done online, there is more opportunity for online reviews and reaching larger audiences with your reviews. 

According to AdWeek, “… 85% of website visitors find content generated from users more influential than brand photos or videos! This is why Word of Mouth marketing is one of the most potent marketing strategies.”

As Adweek mentions, website visitors find content generated from users more influential than brand photos or videos, which is why EWOM is crucial to your 2021 digital marketing strategies. EWOM also allows for a larger audience reach than ever before, making monitoring your brand online even more significant.

EWOM in 2021

Tips to encourage EWOM in 2021:

EWOM is by far the most important marketing means you have and its importance will continue growing in 2021. As the nation transitions online, and what seems like the entire world going virtual, focus on encouraging positive EWOM for your brand will step up your game.

Enhance your brand’s image, increase sales and build a dedicated community of consumers by focusing on your business’ EWOM strategy. Read more about how to encourage EWOM here.

Connect with us today to see how can help with your companies EWOM strategy.

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