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How to Capitalize on eWOM

As we discussed in Electronic Word of Mouth – Your most valuable marketing tool, eWOM is the wave of the marketing future! There are many places to start when addressing how to capitalize on your brand’s electronic word of mouth. The way our society has approached social media has taken eWOM to a new level. To navigate this aspect of your digital marketing strategy, we came up with some great starting points for capitalizing on your eWOM and start facilitating a positive and open conversation surrounding your brand, product or organization online.

9 Actionable ways to encourage Electronic Word of Mouth

1. Create a community: There are many great examples of how to create an online community and depending on your industry, it can look very different from company to company. Business-to-consumer brands should find out where your consumers are spending most of their time and create your community there. If that is Facebook start a group and encourage your consumers to join. Position it as their community, a way for them to connect with likeminded individuals and build new meaningful relationships. If you are a business-to-business brand, create your own online community on LinkedIn, or develop a website or app whose objective is providing meaningful conversation, education and information for target consumers.

encourage electronic word of mouth with an online community

2. Monitor your brand online: Not ready to host the conversation? Well, making sure you are monitoring the conversation around your brand and responding appropriately will go a long way with encouraging your positive electronic word of mouth. Be prepared to monitor it daily

3. Create content they can share: Great content marketing is the key to successful social and digital media marketing. Create engaging content that inspires your consumers to share the content with their online community. Creating “sharable” content will not only increase your reach, it also will add to your eWOM and move current consumers into the advocacy stage of their buyer’s journey. This is digital marketing gold! Easy ways to do this is to consider fun visuals, photos, memes, videos, etc. Give them a good reason to press the share button.

4. Encourage user-generated content (UGC): One of the benefits of social and digital media is the ability to encourage UGC. An easy way to encourage UGC is through a contest on your social channels. For example: if you sell an energy drink, encourage your customers to enter a photo contest on Instagram and Facebook showing them maximizing the benefits of the drink. The winner gets free product for the year, and you get some amazing free content and a whole lot of eWOM.

5. Make reviewing your brand easy: (Gasp!) I know sometimes opening up the review Pandora box can be scary. However, if you have a great product, service or brand, don’t be scared of asking for people’s opinions. This can simply be on your company’s Facebook Page, or a star rating added to your product on your ecommerce website. Giving people the opportunity to tell others about their experiences will in turn generate more eWOM and some possibly good UGC in the form of testimonials.

online reviews encourage electronic word of mouth (EWOM)

6. Create a referral program: Who doesn’t like being rewarded for sharing their favorite brands, service or experiences? I know I do! Develop a referral program encouraging consumers to refer you to their online community. This can be as simple as getting a percentage off their next purchase or a cash reward. Influencer marketers employ this tactic extensively because it works. Companies like AirBnb, Reward Style, BlueHost, Amazon, FabFitFun, and many more have programs rewarding consumers when they share and refer new business.

encourage Electronic Word of Mouth

7. Utilize Influencer marketing: Speaking of referrals, consider using influencer marketing in your digital strategy. Influencer marketing is not just for large companies. Small businesses can benefit from this tactic—maybe even more so. You can read more on our post about 5 easy ways for small companies to utilize influencer marketing. Obviously, this is not organic eWOM but it is just as powerful and far more controlled.

8. Let them try it! : So, if you are not ready or willing to incorporate an influencer marketing strategy just yet, consider giving potential consumers the opportunity of trying your product or service for free. This can be in the form of a free trial subscription or by mailing out product to a PR list of influencers, bloggers, and journalists. You will have less control on how they review the product, but if your product or service is good and something you stand by, there should be little concern for negative feedback.

9. Monitor your mentions and engage: This seems like a given but not everyone knows just how important and easy monitoring your brand’s mentions is in the digital space. There are free ways to monitor mentions on social media and online. Instagram now shows mentions in your notifications, so be sure to click on them and see what people are saying about you. If it is good re-share! Not only is that UGC but it helps build authenticity and a relationship with the consumer who tagged your brand in a mention. Interacting and engaging with your consumers will encourage them to be your cheerleaders online and result in positive electronic word of mouth

This list could go on for days, but the moral of the story is you can capitalize on your company’s eWOM in lots of ways. Getting started is all it takes! However, make sure you are monitoring the online chatter surrounding your brand. Read more about monitoring your brand’s digital presence our next post.

Want to get started with capitalizing on your eWOM and not sure where and how to start? No problem, just schedule a free consultation with LHM Strategic and get the ball rolling. 

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