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What is email remarketing? 

As discussed previously in “What is Digital Remarketing“, remarketing is a common digital marketing tactic used for targeting customers who have previously interacted with your content online. When it comes to email remarketing, you are retargeting email contacts who have not responded to your sales calls to action in previous emails or engagements online. 

Depending on your business, overall goals will vary. Some will involve generating leads and others will increase sales directly through your remarketing email efforts. 

How does email remarketing work? 

The purpose of email remarketing is to turn customers into leads, therefore producing sales. The best way to achieve this is by coming up with a strong email marketing strategy. By doing so, you are providing customers with a better experience and look at your brand. 

Three ways to retarget emails: 

  1. Email retargeting with triggered emails. – After a certain amount of time passes or a browser cookie records their recent website activity, you can send a more detailed, trigger-based email, such as an abandoned cart campaign.
  2. Email retargeting with retargeted ads. – You can find out who your existing customers are and retarget them with ads on Facebook and Google. 
  3. Develop a workflow based on specific types of content interaction. – This requires a more advanced, dynamic retargeting approach. 

Getting Started with email remarketing:

Other ways to use email remarketing: 

  1. Follow up shopping cart abandonment – Why did they not want to complete the transaction? This is one of the biggest reasons for businesses losing online sales. There are many reasons causing visitors to leave their shopping carts, such as fees. Including discount codes in your follow up can increase sales and keep visitors coming back.
  2. Engage inactive visitors –  Retarget visitors who have previously visited by sending a follow up email based on what they were exploring. 
  3. Target customers with ad campaigns – Outsource your ad campaigns by using platforms such as Google and Facebook. By doing this, you can also create custom audiences for retargeting specific customers. 

Email retargeting and dynamic email remarketing are effective ways of targeting customers via email, as well as helpful sources for collecting new data used in running more targeted ad campaigns that maximize website traffic. Incorporating email retargeting into your marketing strategy can’t hurt you. It can only bring your business more benefits. 

Connect with us today to learn more about our dynamic retargeting platform and how we can help you get started with this extremely impactful digital marketing tactic today. 

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