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Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media is a must learn for everyone on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YoutUBE, Pinterest and Instagram.

Do's and Don’ts of Social Media

Social Media is no longer the “new thing” that we need to sit back and watch to see what will happen with it.  I remember the phone call I got from my sister about it. At the time of the call, she was a college student at Florida State University.

Sister: “ Laurie, you HAVE to join The Facebook!”

Me: “ Ummm, what’s THE Facebook?”

Sister: “ This super cool website where you can share information about yourself, and write on their walls.”

Me “ Umm, no thanks. That sounds dumb.”

My sister kept persisting, so I looked into it.

Me: “Damn, The Facebook won’t even let me join!”

Sister: “Why not?

Me: “ Because I go to the University of Wisconsin. I guess we’re not cool enough yet!”

A few months later I got a call from my sister again telling me, “ Your school is on The Facebook NOW!” And the rest was history.

I would have never imagined that about eight years later I’d be making a living off “The Facebook,” (which has since dropped “the” from its official name), and scores of other Social Media.

Marketers, communicators, businesses, and institutions have had more than enough time to start to understand Social Media and how to use it properly. Unfortunately this does not mean they do.

Like every other communications blogger, I have decided to put a list of Dos and Don’ts for Social Media. These are all from professional experience—mine and countless researchers’— and have been repeated all over the blogosphere, but for some reason people just can’t seem to get it right.

3 Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media

1 – DON’T put the intern, assistant, or secretary in charge of Social Media!

This one is the MOST important of them all in my opinion. Too many companies think all you need to do for Social Media is have a presence and update your status.

This is SO far from the truth. Social Media needs a consistent professional voice that not just anyone can provide.  A strategic online communications plan should be in place that includes important key messages along with a professional who knows how to implement such a plan successfully.

While in some companies and instances the day-to-day monitoring can be delegated to an individual with proper training, a blog needs oversight and management by a professional so that responses can be timely, effective and aligned with the organization’s values.

2 – Don’t think that if you post it on YouTube, they will come.

Share links to your videos, blog posts, etc., on your other Social Media sites.  Just because a blog is there does not mean people will see it, so invite them to come take a look.

3 – Don’t only post from 9a.m.-5p.m. Monday – Friday.

Think about it. When are you on Facebook or Twitter? All day every day, right?  Well then your Social Media Manager should be posting seven days a week, not just from the office.  Do some research and find out when your consumer is online most and make sure to post during those times. The more your posts are viewed, the more frequently Facebook will share them on your fans’ News Feeds.

4 – DO be personal in your Social Media presence.

It is called “Social” Media for a reason; a Social Media campaign is successful because the consumer felt a connection with the brand or organization. So go ahead and tell them about the “amazing cake you had for lunch,” or wish them a  “happy birthday.” Keep your consumers engaged in the ongoing communication.

5 – DO be Social with other companies.

Even if they are the competition, make sure you have a presence. Consumers will see that and gain interest in your page. It is a social NETWORK, which means it is all about connecting and sharing, even with the “enemy.”

6 – DO find “influencers” who are already active on Social Media and passionate about your company, subject, brand, etc.

Find someone who is willing to have a conversation, comment on photos, like your status, re-tweet or re-pin your pin. Reach out to them am let them know you appreciate their comments and invite them to start conversations on your Social Media sites.

Influencers are great! They will get you more action on Facebook and Twitter newsfeeds and work for you in that way.

Okay I did it. I got those clichés out of the way! But really, these are 3 Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media to live by if you want to have success on Social Media. Overall DON’T just DO anything on Social Media.

Come up with a plan and strategy to engage your target consumers. It is not the quantity of followers it is the quality! Another cliché, I know, but ignoring quality is a common mistake in the Social Media world.

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